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Nancy Drew Diaries - Sabotage at Willow Woods: Book Review

Nancy Drew Diaries: Sabotage at Willow Woods

Author: Carolyn Keene
Publisher: Aladdin, 2014
Age: 8-12, Middle Grade fiction
Pages: 167

Not everyone in Nancy’s community is in favor of the new sports arena proposed for Boylestown High School (BHS). The cost not only detracts from academics, the proposed location would destroy beautiful Willow Woods. Already BHS’s Green Club has voiced a protest. Meanwhile, Carrie Kim, a candidate running for city council and cousin of Nancy’s good friend George, has vowed to make the arena a reality. Nancy, George, and another friend Bess become involved when Carrie is sent two threatening notes, including a box containing a dead squirrel. Nancy is almost certain the Green Club is responsible, and while undercover, determines that club member Barney is the instigator. Nancy goes to the police and has Barney arrested. However, Nancy could not be more wrong. She then stumbles onto the truth, learning that Carrie’s campaign manager is the real culprit. Barney is exonerated and a new location for the much needed football field is found. Nancy’s nearly perfect boyfriend Ned is supportive through it all. Young readers will adore his comment, “All I ever ask is that you be yourself, Nancy.”

Short diary excerpts help pace this #5 book in the Nancy Drew Diaries series. As typical of a Nancy Drew mystery, the plot of Sabotage at Willow Woods is rather predictable, but having said that, it was comfortable and fun to read. The story is safe for the youngest readers in the 8-12 range and a sure bet for any concerned mom or grandmother looking for a book to give as a gift.   

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  1. These used to be my favorite books when I was a young girl!

  2. I never read Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys although I watched the Hardy Boys on TV (I liked Parker Stephenson). I read stories about these boys who would solve crimes one with a title about The Green Ghost. I can't recall the name or the boys but it was a series.

  3. I couldn't get enough Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books and would had no idea there were diaries out there! Have got to read them :)

  4. Hi!
    Paula - I think I read only a few of these but loved mysteries in general.
    Birgit - not recall Parker Stephenson. Have little recall of titles, too. Just know I read a lot.
    Catherine - Oh, a die hard fan I see :) I think it's neat they are still popular.


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