Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pioneer Women in Aviation A-Z - LIST

A - Elsa Andersson
B - Sophie Blanchard
C - Bessie Colman
D -Helene Dutrieu
E - Amelia Earhart

F - Cornelia Fort
G - Frances Wilson Grayson
H - Hilda Hewlett
I - Intrepid
J - Evelyn Bryan Johnson 

K - Kwon Ki-ok
L - Anne Morrow Lindbergh
M - Marie Marvingt
N - Blanche Noyes
O - Phoebe Omlie 
P - Therese Peltier

Q - Harriet Quimby
R - Bessica Raiche
S - Blanche Stuart Scott
T - E. Lillian Todd 

U - Unknown Pilots - The Night Witches

V - Polly Vacher
W - Nancy Bird Walton
X - X-wing pilots
Y - Hazel Ying Lee
Z - Berta Zerón

Reflection post on A-Z


  1. I shall be looking some of these up and see which ones I missed:)

    1. Hi Birgit. Was surprised to find you here. Glad you enjoyed these posts. We have a fly-in where I live next month and I plan to use these posts in a special display on female pilots. I keep thinking I will someday self-publish these, as publishers frown on things published to a blog first. Oh well, no regrets! Thanks for stopping by!


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