Monday, May 1, 2017

Female Scientists Before Our Time A-Z LIST


A - Aspasia, Physician
B - Dorotea Bucca, Physician
C - Cleopatra the Alchemist
D - Damo, Philosopher

E - Enheduanna, Astronomer
F - Fabiola, Nurse Physician
G - Gynecologist, Leoparda
H - Magistra Hersend, Surgeon

I - Immortal Lady Bao, Moxatherapist
J - Mary the Jewess, Alchemist
K - King's Associate, Pesehet, Physician
L - Lais, Physician

M - Myia, Philosopher, Mathematician
N - Nicarete, Physician, Healer
O - Olympias, Midwife
P - Merit Ptah, Physician

Q - Queen Hatshepsut, Science Promoter
R - Rufaida A-Aslamia, Nurse
S - Salpe, Midwife
T - Tapputi, Chemist, Perfume-maker

U - Unusual Science

V - Gargi Vachaknavi, Philosopher
W - Witch-hunt Victim, Hypatia
X - Zhang Xiaoniangzi, Physician
Y - Yi Shuo, Physician
Z -Zoologist, Phythias

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  1. It was certainly a pleasure reading about these ladies during the A to Z. Well done Sharon.



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