Sunday, December 25, 2011

Scenes of Christmas

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Focus - Stay the Course

Josiah, Asher and Elisha with Grandma Sharon
I am back from California after spending 2-1/2 weeks with two adorable grandsons, so Mom and Dad could adjust to the birth of son  number three. Looking back when I first took on 'nanny' duty taking care of my daughter's two children for 3 weeks in July (while Mom finished her Master's degree) and my son's boys in Calif. in August for 3 weeks (while Mom was in China), I realized that I had committed over 8 weeks of my time this year to young children. The need was there and I would not change it for the world, but it was more than challenging trying to meet a book goal this fall (i.e., November), added to the fact I also came down with a case of pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough.
Huh?--you might say. A year ago I would have told you this is a childhood disease, but so many parents are opting not to vaccinate their kids these days (Washington and Idaho being two of the worst offenders; I live on the WA/ID border), adults are suddenly vulnerable to this serious respiratory disease. Doctors now recommend that adults get the Dtap vaccine, because--guess what? More and more adults are coming down with it, especially those who work with children.
Well, I have no idea how I came down with it (fortunately, my grandchildren didn't succumb). It is a serious disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It took weeks to recover, and then on top of it--after feeling better and suddenly getting my energy back, I went bicycling and fell, whereupon I broke an already sore and stretched rib (due to coughing) and added to my recovery (more than 6 weeks!). On top of this, a beloved nephew died suddenly at age 30.
The potential setback in my writing was all there, lining up in perfect order, standing there at the finish line yelling and threatening to stop me in my tracks, but guess what? It didn't happen. My faithful writing coach got me through, encouraging whatever time I could eke out in writing as well as exercise. So, here I am with a completed manuscript (80,000 words) in hand, and except for line edits (2 more weeks to go), it's almost ready for review by the writers' group I belong to. I am now researching agents and publishers. I am so excited, and once again have proven that life events do not have to deter you from your writing (or any goal for that matter).
Focus, it is all about FOCUS. Moreover, I also have greatly enriched my life experience, which continues to be an excellent resource for future character and plot development. I can still hear the pitter-patter of little feet and those precious giggles and untold tears. Will their voices show up in a new book? Who's to say at this point--I don't know. But use what you have been handed, I say, and stay the course, whatever sail you have set. Your writing will soar to new heights--at least that is what appears to be happening to me.

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