Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrate the Small the Things: One Crazy Move

Ah, gee. Where do I begin?

It all started in May with my husband's retirement. A few days later he re-discovered an air park home in eastern WA (we had casually looked at it several months before). This time we were serious. We looked....made an offer, put our house on the market, and by August we were moving into our new home. I wish I could say it was an easy move. It wasn't!

Moving day. "Whew, got that #%$*& treadmill down."
In fact, it was one crazy move. The first offer on our home failed on the day of closing, and it had a snowball effect that left the sellers and buyers reeling, wondering where we were all going to live. Fortunately, we had our camper to live in. Eventually, we rented the home until the deal was finalized. Trust me on this loans are not what they used to be today, even with the best of credit!!! 

 But here is the small thing: no matter where we live, being with someone you love and are loved by makes all the difference in the world. It's true. Home really is where the heart is. Even when we thought we would have to rent a dump and put everything in storage, we never lost our sense of humor. At times all we could do was laugh. 

It took two large u-hauls, two trucks, one camper,
one boat and three cars to haul our stuff!

Some new views.....
Sentinal Gap
New home
Priest Dam Lake (Columbia River)
So here we are, loving our new home and adjusting to a new community, landscape and climate. I DO love it, but feeling like such a newbie sometimes, I do not have a handle yet on what is normal here or what to expect. The locals tell me that the 107 degree heat wave this summer was even too hot for them, and it really does get cold in the winter. But temperatures are still in the 60's. Now that's nice....REALLY nice.

 Judging from the golf cart parade we see in front of our home almost every morning, it appears there is a golf cart in our future. We are not golfers, but live next to a beautiful 18-hole golf course. More to my liking is the lake a five minute walk away and the bike trails. Of course, my husband would say having a hangar for his plane trumps all. 

Hmm....this works.

View from hangar. Our wind sock sits on a small sage brush hill.
Sunsets are glorious here.

Now to finish unpacking....just a few more boxes
to go.....those smaller items that require thought and organization. Where is that printer paper, and does one really need all those pens and pencils? Goodness, I had no idea we were such collectors. I do have my writing desk up and running again, and it feels oh so good to have a place to write again.  

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Not my favorite holiday, but I do love seeing the kids. We bought way too much candy for two people, so I hope we get a crowd! What do you do for Halloween?


  1. I think you made a great move and will love being in DA, however I sure miss not living close to you anymore. Hope you're still planning to visit us soon! Glad you're back to blogging, and I'll make every effort to update my blog at least once a week, too!

  2. Thank heaven for campers! Sounds like you've finally settled in your new place, so congratulations. As to Halloween it's my favorite holiday. Love the chills and chocolate.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a crazy thing to add to the chaos of moving! Glad you had somewhere to stay, hope you love your new home!

  4. What a disaster story! Congrats on getting through it with a smile on your face. It's not always easy to keep your sense of humor. Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

  5. Congratulations on the new home! I'd love a golf cart so I could tool around my farm!

  6. Moving can be horrendous especially when you realize how much you accumulated. I shudder at the thought of moving one day. Your new area looks so nice. I love Halloween and usually I deck out my front in Halloween fun but I was not in good shape for this. Yesterday and today has been cold and rainy with a little wet snow/slush coming down to boot. I actually went to a Halloween party at a bar which I have not done in years. There were people there in their 70's. I dressed up as Goo from Gumby and Pokey.

  7. Hi Sharon .. looks as though you are in a lovely place - and moving is always so tiring, exhausting .. but nightmare day is over for this year .. enjoy settling in ... looks gorgeous - cheers Hilary

  8. Hope you can settle down again soon after that turbulent time on the ground (adding insult to injury for a pilot). I put my house on the market just to force me to pare down all those collectibles (Heaven help me if I get an offer I can't refuse; I don't have a camper).
    Other than that, just catching up and saying Hi.

  9. Hi all!!

    Cathy - glad to see you back from your blog vacation, too :)

    Lee - our camper continues to be a blessing. What would we ever have done?

    Joyce - Thanks, loving my new home more and more.

    Lori - Having a sense of humor really got us through. Thanks!

    Dixie - Oh, yes. A golf cart would be great on a farm.

    Birgit - That "Goo" costume must have been great and sounds like you had a lot fun :)

    Hilary - Yes, all in the past now and we are enjoying our home a lot.

    Inge - Oh, a good comparison for my pilot hubby. Yes, things finally settling down. Bet you get an offer on your home too.....oh, boy :)

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    1. Thanks, Julie!! I'll pop on over to your blog soon :)


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