Sharon M. Himsl has a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies, with an emphasis on American history/culture and English, but she started out in elementary school education. Marriage and travels with her then Air Force husband (and a few jobs in between) took her away from school for awhile and it was many years later (after her two children grew up) that she returned to finish her degree.

By then her interest in becoming a teacher had evolved into a desire to write and study history. She developed a love of Native American history along the way, something she still enjoys a lot, which has also opened her eyes to other cultures. She and her husband lived in Malaysia in 1995-1996 for one year, where their next door neighbors were Malay, Indian and Chinese, an experience she has never forgotten. It is little wonder that Malaysia is one of the settings she chose for her current novel about a half-Malay teen girl and her brother who seek their family there.

Sharon lives in Eastern Washington in the Columbia Basin where the sage brush grows, the clouds hang low in the sky, and the tumbleweed blows in the wind. Hmm.....that almost sounds like a song.

She does not have any four-legged pets (do coyote count?), although she would vote for a cat any day. She loves their snarky attitude. She has befriended a neighbor's black and white kitty, who visits regularly and sometimes purrs on her lap.


  1. Sharon, it's nice to get to know you a little better. I admit I don't visit the "About Me" page of my fellow bloggers like I should. I use to, but over the years I got too pressed to do this simple task. I think I will stop to smell the roses more frequently to learn more about my pals in Blogosphere. I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest someday. The pictures are gorgeous and I see that as an awesome opportunity to take a zillion photos, if I'm ever blessed to visit out that way. *cross fingers* I would definitely vote for a kitty any day, too, but it would have to be an outdoor pet. I'm allergic to these fur-babies. Please let me know, if I can be of any help with promoting your future work. I love being a friend!

  2. Thank you Cathy for your kind words of friendship and offer to help!


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