Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Journey That Keeps on Giving

My first payment as a writer/photographer was made into a  calender that still hangs on my wall. I was so excited. Below is the small check I received from The Society of International Railway Travelers for the article I wrote while living in Malaysia (1995-1996): "Jungle Train. A Window on True Malaysia." When I returned home in the USA, I wrote a novel and several short stories based on my experience and travels in Malaysia and also Thailand, all of which were never published. I went back to college, finished my degree in American Studies, took an editing position at Washington State University, and moved to Washington state.  I continued to write, but it was mostly nonfiction. I left that position in 2010 and have been reworking  the novel I wrote in 1997-1998 ever since. My journey that began in Kluang, Malaysia, where I lived with my husband for nine months, has been the journey that keeps on giving.   

(Article was published under my middle name "Marie")

My first paycheck! (on top of the calendar 
displayed next to my desk) 

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  1. This is fun, Sharon! I'm like you: I want to be immersed in a culture, but I especially want to visit the countryside, where there is less of a tourist "show"! It helps me to get my bearings. I can just picture you looking for monkeys in the early morning hours! How wonderful!

    1. Ha-ha. Our vacationing 'friend' (a journalist from Singapore) had to caution me when I stuck my head out too far. He was afraid I would end up in the trees with the monkeys. Thanks for stopping by!


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