Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I grabbed some old valentines from days past with my kids and made this cute collage. 
I like recycling the old and seeing what I can do. It's especially fun to do while shopping in 
an antique store. So many ideas to be had from people long departed and history to be learned. 
It's my way of conserving and I suppose it's a reaction to growing up with parents who 
went through the Great Depression. 
Hard lessons recycled? 

Special wishes for a nice Valentine's Day with your sweetie (s). 

I have not blogged much since taking a blog vacation last May, so wanted to say "HELLO" again to everyone. 

I continue to write, but at a much slower pace. Too many tempting diversions in retirement, but I'm not depressed about this at all, just thankful that life continues to be rich and good. Now the gardening season is approaching and I can't wait to see what hubby and I can do. There is the A-Z coming up as well, and I have considered using it to research a period of history (the year 1939), so you may see me again. I do love history as some of you know.

My novel has been submitted, and currently sits with four publishers, so happy to finally have it out there. I'm researching two more and concentrating on outlining a third. I made the mistake of not outlining my first novel in great detail. I had a synopsis and a brief outline, but as the story grew I found myself buried in subplots and threads that led to nowhere. It took a long time to clean up. I'm taking the advice of another writer (I don't remember their name) who advised not to overlook a detailed outline. If I think I'm done, go back and take another look, they advised. It's a process I admit I do not enjoy. I'd rather be writing the story or editing (my favorite). 

Would love to hear how you are doing too. 


  1. That valentine collage is super-adorable!

    And how exciting about your novel submissions! Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck with all your writing, too. I agree, outlining can be frustrating, but it can also help reduce stress in the long run. (I'd probably write myself into a corner if I didn't plot my own stories extensively, heh.) Hope you're able to finish that outline soon so you can reach the parts of the writing process you prefer!

  2. Thanks, Heather. It sure was fun to make. Hope all those characters at your place are up to new antics :) Yes, staying with the outline. No choice from what I can tell!

  3. I get interrupted too many times (weekly, daily, hourly) for me to be able to write without an outline. I need it to remind me of where I am in the story.

    1. Good point, Cathy. "Life Interrupted." Who hasn't felt this? It could be the title of our lives. Hurray for outlining. Forever a convert :) Thanks!

  4. The Valentine Day collage is super cute! I have had too many interruptions from the past month, so done very little writing :(

    1. Hello, Rachna. Thanks for commenting. I hope you have a better writing month. It's hard sometimes, I understand.


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