Thursday, February 16, 2017

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Exposed Once Again

(Video no longer available of Kutcher's speech; more can be learned at "THORN" Website)

I have new respect for Ashton Kutcher as an actor who up till now I had only seen in a comedic light, but now see as a brave crusader for human rights. Bravo! Let's end modern slavery in our lifetime. Let's fight with our words and actions, and not turn a blind eye to this terrible evil that lives on in our modern age. Fight for the innocent lives that are forever changed and scarred, but with tender counseling and love can be rescued. Fight! Human trafficking is a topic I have strong feelings about and address in my new novel, The Shells of Mersing, the story of a girl and her brother who suffer the consequences of a crime committed against their mother when sold in her youth. Consider this a promotion of my book, if you must. Fictional characters, yes, but based on what is happening to unprotected youth in foster care and elsewhere today. Consider too where you stand on this topic. 

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