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Words of Old at Christmastime: The Christmas Monks by Mary E. Wilkins

All children have wondered unceasingly from their very first Christmas up to their very last Christmas, where the Christmas presents come from. It is very easy to say that Santa Claus brought them. All well regulated people know that, of course; but the reindeer, and the sledge, and the pack crammed with toys, the chimney, and all the rest of it — that is all true, of course, and everybody knows about it; but that is not the question which puzzles. 

What children want to know is, where do these Christmas presents come from in the first place? Where does Santa Claus get them? Well the answer to that is, In the garden of the Christmas Monks. This has not been known until very lately; that is, it has not been known till very lately except in the immediate vicinity of the Christmas Monks. There, of course, it has been known for ages. It is rather an out-of-the-way place; and that accounts for our never hearing of it before.

Published 1892
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  1. What an interesting take on Xmas gifts. I've never heard of this book. Where did you find it?

    1. Probably the most unusual of stories. (The monks grow toys in the garden). I found it online searching for "old Christmas stories."

  2. A wonderful post about children and Christmas presents. I well remember the magic in my own three kids eyes on Christmas morning. Thank you Sharon. A pleasure to read.

  3. Don't think I've ever heard of the Christmas Monks before. Sounds like a fascinating story for the holiday season!

    1. I love the Internet. Amazing what you can find.


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