The Shells of Mersing (YA) (Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Adventure) (14+) 
Evernight Teen, June 2017

When notorious Uncle Azman disobeys orders, and sends Callie and Lucas Davis to meet their mother's long lost family in Malaysia, fourteen-year-old Callie hopes their troubles are over. After all they have endured what more could go wrong? Their American dad is dead, Mom is missing, and their foster dad in Seattle was murdered with Callie falsely accused. 

If that wasn't enough, Callie and eight-year-old Lucas stowed aboard a sailboat to escape, only to be targeted by their uncle’s boss in Hawaii upon arrival for immediate sale in Thailand’s human trafficking market. What more could go wrong?

Disguised in Muslim attire in case Azman’s boss sends someone after them, Callie believes it’s simply a matter of time. Find safety with family in Mersing and begin the search for Mom, but a shell box, a ruby, and a boy from Chicago named Sam are about to change everything.  


Events That Changed the World: 1920-1940, Greenhaven Press, 2003. (age 12 up)
Ratification of Nineteenth Amendment, first assembly of League of Nations (United States was absent), Mussolini's March on Rome, Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, Jazz Singer debut, Gandhi's "Salt March," Hitler's rise, stock market crash, and "Operation Dynamo" (rescue at Dunkirk) are among the events discussed, describing a highly transitional period that begins with the aftermath of World War I and ends with the outbreak of World War II. Based on primary sources.


Himsl, Marie. "Jungle Train, A Window on True Malaysia." The International Railway Traveler, September 1996, pp. 6-7. 


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