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Himsl, Sharon M. Events That Changed the World: 1920-1940, Greenhaven Press, 2003. (age 12 up)
[Ratification of Nineteenth Amendment, first assembly of League of Nations (United States was absent), Mussolini's March on Rome, Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, Jazz Singer debut, Gandhi's "Salt March," Hitler's rise, stock market crash, and "Operation Dynamo" (rescue at Dunkirk) are among the events discussed, describing a highly transitional period that begins with the aftermath of World War I and ends with the outbreak of World War II. Based on primary sources].


Himsl, Marie. "Jungle Train, A Window on True Malaysia." The International Railway Traveler, September 1996, pp. 6-7. 


"Pioneer Women in Aviator A-Z" (26 articles), April 2016 ("intrepid" was their middle name)

"Inventions by Women A-Z" (26 articles), April 2015 (some surprising inventions)

"Yummy Fruits A-Z" (26 articles), April 2014 (learn the nutritional value of fruit and more)

"Stereoviews A-Z" (26 articles) April 2013 (a collection from family archives)


  1. I am intrigued about your jungle train article. It's an incredible trip (I took it in 2011, leaving Singapore just a few weeks before the stopped running out of the old station).

  2. Hi! I was delighted to see your comment. Did you ride the old diesel train? My husband and I took it with a group of ex-pats living in Kluang, Malaysia for the year. Such a memorable trip and time in our life. I will never forget it. If you come back I hope you see I have linked the article. Thought it was here. I had scanned the article in a previous post.


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