Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Crash Course in Language Arts by Rebecca Langston-George: Book Review

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Series: "Choice Words!"
A Crash Course in Language Arts
Author: Rebecca Langston-George
Publisher: Capstone Press 2015, Nonfiction
Age:  9 to 13,  Middle Grade
Pages: 64

Language is all about communication. We learn how to communicate through speech and writing and how to understand communication by listening and reading. Once we learn the basics, we can express ourselves more effectively. We also gain self-confidence. Langston-George sets the stage for learning the basic rules in a fun manner, by comparing the art of communication to learning a multi-step dance and to following a recipe with basic ingredients.

Explained over four chapters, complete with lively illustrations and photos, readers learn about the rhythm of language (grammar), the drama of language (literature), the usefulness of language (informational text), and the application of language (argument, explanation, and narrative). Each chapter stands alone and can be read for information as needed, for example, studying the eight parts of speech in grammar; adding style to language with the right verb or noun and punctuation; learning to research for a special project; spicing up language with similes and metaphors; and learning how to plot a story or write an essay.

Every chapter includes quick tips and a pop quiz with answers at the back. A glossary and index are included. A Crash Course in Language Arts is a good book for budding writers and editors and for those confused about the whole language arts process.


  1. This looks like an interesting book. I would love to speak Spanish as I have a son who lives there.
    Wonderful post.

    1. Hmm...learning a new language can be hard. This book would be helpful to kids living in homes where only Spanish is spoken. Our migrant families from Mexico have this problem.

  2. Great review! This book sounds like a good resource to have on hand...

  3. Thanks. Yes, a good resource, especially for kids who want to write better.


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