Saturday, April 27, 2013

"X" Marks the Spot: Stereoviews A-Z

"Martha, I can't make that fit."

Martha: "Do you have the right end?"
Man: "Yep, says right here that "x" marks the spot."

So much for following the directions. Did you ever have one of those days?

Copyright 2013 © Sharon Himsl
[Gravseth family archive; New educational series 1890s]


  1. I often have days like that especially when it comes to home handyman projects.

  2. One of the proud achievements in my relationship is that we managed to put together, pull apart and put together again (when we moved into our new house) a huge Ikea wardrobe... we figure if we can do that together we can tackle anything... the second time we didn't even use directions :D When this challenge is over I will be back to check on the posts I missed.

  3. Laughing at this Sharon! my husband and I are truly opposites on this I never read directions, he always does. one thing we do agree on, never touch the wood- stove pipe a professional!

  4. "Some assembly required" are the three most evil words.

  5. LOL! It's nice to know that men not following directions is a historical phenomena.

  6. Ha ha! I can't admit how many days I've had like this! ;)

  7. We’ve all had days like that. Another great post.

  8. Yes, I've had MANY of these days! Just yesterday, in fact, I tried to follow some online directions to cleaning my lawnmower's carburetor. All I have to say about that experience is, "Good grief!"


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