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U.S. and Canadian Scenery: Stereoviews A-Z

Stereoviews were often used as instructional tools in school. The backside of the Canadian apple orchard scene that follows at the end describes the loading of "rosy-cheeked apples" and appears to have been written for a young audience. "Barrels and barrels of them are being picked to sell," it says.

The last paragraph reads: "The trees in apple orchards are started from seeds. The little seedlings are cut close to the ground and slices of the branches of other apple trees are tied on. This is called grafting." 

Kids were then handed a stereoscope, so they could view the photo in 3-D. It was an effective method of learning, I suspect.  

"Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Arizona" (ca. 1890s)

"A Herd of Sheep" (ca. 1890s) (location unknown)

Apple orchard in Annapolis Valley.
Nova Scotia, Canada (ca 1900s)

(See Post A and Post B for history of Stereoviews/Stereoscope)

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Gravseth family archive; New educational series 1890s; Cosmopolitan Series 1890s; Keystone View Company 1900s


  1. I remember a type of viewer we got many years ago as a gift. If I remember correctly, it was red and you would look into it like you would binoculars. There was a lever on the side you *clicked* that would take you to the next scene. We had a box of circular files with little pictures that you placed in the viewer. You had to point the viewer to a window or light source to see the pictures. We had quite a few files on all sorts of subjects. I have no idea where my parents (or grandparents) found them. We enjoyed looking at pictures of places we hadn't been. The two pictures per frame appeared as one picture and 3D. Most were in color and a few in B&W.

    I suspect the viewer was both entertainment and educational, lol!

    1. This is the same memory my mother has a girl. There are 69 stereoviews in the collection and it was a wonderful time with family!

  2. Wow - I didn't know that's how they make apple orchards? I knew they do something like that for roses so I shouldn't be too amazed I suppose. {{shrugs}}

  3. Stereoviews are neat tools. I'd like to try one.

  4. OH my what a great theme!
    I bet there's tons of information to be learned using a stereoscope and stereoviews. How neat!
    btw, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I guess teachers use the technologies they have on hand. It makes it so more real to see it. That's why Powerpoint presentations are so great today.

  6. Wow. I am enjoying reading your posts even if I don't comment regularly. You must have boxes of these?

    1. Kind of...69 stereoviews inherited from my mother and 4 in my own collection to be exact!

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