Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looey and Hans Get a Spanking: Stereoviews A-Z

No 'time-out' for kids in 
those days!! 

What else can I say?
"Hans, we will put powder in Fader's pipe. Yes? No?"

"Ach, Looey, you haf such a head for smartness. Vat?"

"Oh, such an explosionness. Dis is better 
as der 4th of Chuly."

"Help--Murder--Fire! I am gone dead alretty yet!"

 "I gif you fireworks, vat? You vill half fun mit me, yea?"

(See Post A and Post B for history of Stereoviews/Stereoscope)

Herman Knutzen stereoviews, 1906; Gravseth family archive; 
Copyright 2013 Sharon Himsl


  1. This was too funny! Thanks for the smile. Poor kids, they were just having fun.

  2. Now that made me laugh. Thanks.

  3. Thanks everyone for stopping by. Love your comments! These boys remind me of my brother at that age (he was good at pulling pranks :).

  4. Replies
    1. Hey, hi Paula. Reading some of my old A-Z. Pretty cool :)


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