Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mercy Ship Expedition - Children, Stilt Village, Dresses: One Nurse's Story


My friend Marilyn is off on another 
Mercy Ship adventure in Africa. Those 
who followed her story before on the 
Africa Mercy know that Marilyn is a 
volunteer nurse on a hospital ship that 
sails the African coast in search of patients. 
She emails me and I share her post with you. 
I hope you enjoy!

25 March, 2017
"Children, stilt village, dresses"

Our surgeon went to the ward to visit our patients one evening and found
a mother crying. I guess they were tears of joy, because her
explanation was that her blind children had been considered cursed,
devil-possessed, in her village, so no one would allow their children to
play with hers. "Now they won't think they are cursed any more." I
tend to think about the physical limitations imposed by being
blind...but the social ramifications can be even more devastating.
Whole families can be shunned.

There's a whole village nearby which is built on stilts in the middle of
the lake. The story behind that is interesting. They were apparently
peaceful fishermen back in the day and were being captured and sold into
slavery by the voodoo-worshiping tribes around them. The voodoo people
were afraid of water, so the fishermen moved into the middle of the lake
two hundred years ago to stay safe from them, and there they remain to
this day, still fishing. Everyone has his own canoe, even the children.

Fabrics here are so colorful, with bold patterns and amazing variety.
It's true everywhere in West Africa, but seems even more so here. Women
here really know how to dress up! Hair styles, too, are creative and
diverse. Who knew you could do so many things with kinky black hair?
If I can, I'll attach a few random pictures, but I can't possibly
capture the rainbow variety in all its glory.




  1. The fishing village sounds so interesting. It is always fascinating to learn about history and its impact on the way people live today. I am so sorry that besides not being able to see those children had no one to play with because they were blind. How very sad.

    Love that the styles and colors and so vibrant and unique!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you and others are reading Marilyn's posts. Her adventures always seem to coincide with my a-z adventure, but more see her stories this way, so very cool.

  2. They sure need the medical help. Glad your friend is so willing to go!

    1. She is super blessed being able to help in this way, as are her patients. She and others like her and the doctors are incredible.

  3. The lifestyle on stilts sounds like a safe and peaceful option. Simple activities.
    Yes, the fabrics and prints are vivid, colorful and dazzling! The bolder the better!

  4. I wonder if they sewed these dresses too. Someone is doing a fantastic job!


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