Friday, April 1, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: Busy Month But on Schedule


April is busy because of the April A-Z, but I'm on schedule and happy to have other things going well. Just hoping I can keep the pace.


--The start of the April A-Z Challenge. Well, I have two posts completed. That's 24 left to write. Yeah, I've procrastinated, but it is what it is. I'll get there.

--Hubby is extending our sprinkler systems. I have seven more shrubs to plant, but I need the exercise, so it's an excuse to get up from my desk.

--Had a nice visit with my mother Easter week. We wear each other out with all our talking, but I think it makes her thankful to be home again. I know it makes me thankful for my quiet space. 

--Celebrating my grandson's birthday. Goodness, he's eleven! How did that happen??

--Connected with a childhood friend on Facebook! I love the 'message' feature, which says something about me. I'm not a Facebook fan, but alas, it's where family hangs out and childhood friends connect :) Never would have happened in the old days!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Wonderful read, I look forward to your A to Z. Happy week-end to you.

  2. Only finished 2 posts?! Holy cow, woman - get writing! I did the A-Z 3 yrs ago and finished all posts before April, but I still was totally exhausted by the number of other blogs I had to visit. Good luck with your posts, your new shrubbery, and your quiet time. Happy Birthday to your grandson and yay for connecting with an old friend!

  3. Working hard to stay on schedule. Thanks Yvonne and Lexa. All the best!

  4. Oh, great to hear about your encounter with your childhood friend! Isn't the WWW terrific? One of my students asked me, worried, if I was still in touch with my school friends because she was wondering if she would be able to stay in touch with hers. I assured her there would be no problem; when I was growing up, the options were phone and letters. She had email, Facebook, etc. - and she was already keeping up with a classmate who had moved to the other side of the country two years ago, so why not the rest?

    My nephew says someone I knew at school recently mentioned me in a blog post, but can't recall the URL or the name, dammit!

    1. It's hard sometimes. I've been searching for another friend for years. I fear she's died. I can't even find her family members. Thanks for commenting, Sue.


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