Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things: Hard Work and Effort

I'm celebrating hard work and effort this week. I worked so hard, I actually thought today was Thursday, the reason I'm posting so late. It's good to work hard though at something you love and enjoy. I haven't slept so good at night in months. I'm doing another polish on my completed book, but it is going much faster this time and feels right. 

Had hoped to start my grow boxes for salad greens, and grow lights for petunias (and whatever other seeds I have left from last year), but there is always this weekend.  

Made a writer friend (she's written a book!) over coffee one day and talked her into starting a blog :) I'm in a new community so this means a lot to me.

Do you ever get so busy, 
you forget what day it is?

Here are some more thoughts on work:

"The highest reward for man's toil is not what
he gets for it but what he becomes by it."
(John Ruskin)

 "Thank God every morning when you get up
that you have something to do that day which 
must be done, whether you like it or not."
(Charles Kingsley)

"St. Francis of Assisi was hoeing his garden 
when someone asked what he would do if he
were suddenly to learn that he would die before 
sunset that very day. 'I would finish hoeing my 
garden,' he replied." (Louis Fischer)

Have a Nice Weekend! 

Thank you Lexa Cain for hosting this blog hop!
And co-hosts: L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge  
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  1. I loved the Fischer/Francis of Assissi quote! That's exactly how I feel about it. I'm really impressed you're getting so much done on your book. Knowing it's right is indeed a great feeling. And yay for lunch with an author and encouraging her to start a blog. I've met so many fabulous people through mine. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Doing what we were meant to do is a wonderful feeling. I'm taking a mini break to start my garden and walking down to the lake, but back to work after that!

  2. LOL, I sometimes forget what day it is, too. It happens to everyone at least once, I think! You seem to have a good reason for it, though. Congrats on all you've accomplished! :)

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one :) Thanks, Heather.

  3. Sharon, some weeks every day is Thursday and the weekend seems so distant! I admire you for doing the post - this is really worth celebrating. Best of luck with those seeds! I have some flowers to do as well...soon as the leg mends.(smile)

    1. Ha-ha :) It happens, doesn't it? Hope the leg is better again soon!

  4. Oi Sharon!
    Há um ditado que diz: "O trabalho enobrece o homem". E eu acrescento mais este: "Pior do que querer fazer e não poder, é poder fazer e não querer!".
    Um grande abraço e tenha um merecido e gratificante fim de semana!

    VitorNani & Hang Gliding Paradise

  5. How true, Vitor. It is one thing to be blessed with work.....the downside is to not do what one we are capable of doing!

  6. Oh I have had days where I thought it was the following day and realized I am ahead of myself. Glad you met an author friend and love the quotes. Good luck with the seeds

    1. Thanks, it was a good week. Today I'm doing something with those seeds! Have a wonderful day, Birgit!

  7. Hi Sharon!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Lovely to meet you. It is good to be thankful. And I love those quotes. Remember the one by Isaac Asimov when asked the same question as St Francis of Assisi-- I would write faster!

    Denise :-)

    1. Hi Denise. Nice to meet you too. Quotes like these make me pause and consider where I'm at in my life. Asimov's response is classic!


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