Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekly Recap: A-Z Reflection and a Cover Reveal

On the last day of the A-Z, I really needed a break. I noticed a lot of you sighing and groaning a bit online, too. By day Z, we were all weary. So with that thought, I want to thank all of you who visited my blog and left comments, even if it was only once or twice. I know how time-consuming and exhausting that was!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your visits, follows, and comments....they meant the world to me! 

I tried to reciprocate comments and follows in return, which I consider the ultimate in blog courtesy. My apologies if I missed anyone. A special THANK YOU to all who decided to follow my blog, which was a pleasant outcome of the A-Z :) I hope we can maintain some contact over the weeks and months to come. THANK YOU also for sharing your ideas, insights, talents, and experiences. I learned so much from you!! Last but not least, THANK YOU to the A-Z staff...to Arlee and all his elves who popped around the blogs encouraging us and giving sage advice!

I knew I was taking on a lot this year, because unlike last year's experience, I did not write my posts in advance. 

Lesson 1: write those posts in advance! I took on a subject that required a lot of research. This meant late nights, every night, trying to get my posts out on time. My posts were detailed and probably too long, but I wanted something useful in the end. I tried to break it up with fun trivia, so the posts could be skimmed through quickly or read in parts. I learned a lot about fruits. I hope you did too! 

I only have the one lesson learned, but I do have a recommendation....or shall I call it a wish? Is it possible to have the A-Z in March or February (the dullest month of the year), so it doesn't overlap with gardening and other spring activities? I was taking a Master Gardening course all of April, complete with homework, quizzes and a trip out of town. I almost passed on the A-Z for this reason alone. 

So, here we are approaching summer. I am already gardening, as you might have suspected, so if I drop off for awhile, I'll be outdoors in the garden for the rest of spring. 

I'm still getting my novel ready to market. There are all those last minute details that continue to plague me. One of these days, you will see a cover reveal and that will be a day to celebrate, indeed! 

Meanwhile...... Congratulations to Stephanie Faris, who has just released the cover of her second and upcoming book, 25 Roses, coming out in 2015 (for ages 9-13).  

"Valentine's Day means one thing at Stanton Middle School: students will send each other chocolate roses. Each year, Mia Hartley watches while the same group of students gets roses and everyone else is left out. This year, she decides things will be different. As the student assigned to write names on the cards, Mia purchases 25 roses and writes her own cards, designating them to 25 people she's personally chosen. But she soon learns that playing matchmaker is much more complicated than she thought it would be."

Stephanie's first book, 30 Days of No Gossip is also available from Simon & Schuster's Aladdin Mix. I wish you the best of success, Stephanie!


  1. Yes, April is a difficult month for the challenge. But it would have to be a 30-day month, so unless we're looking to the end of the year... I mean, which two February days would we get off?

  2. This was a lovely wrap-up post. I, for one, appreciated learning so much about so many different fruits, as well as having a morning chuckle over the jokes. Enjoy your time in the garden, and I'll be awaiting your return to blogging. Your posts are always interesting and thoughtful, well worth reading!

  3. You deserve a break. That was a big commitment. Enjoy your gardening time and share some pictures for those of us who are green thumb challenged.

  4. Loved your blog and I posted for the insecure writers but I also posted my reflections but used the wrong badge-lol. If you look at it you will notice I made the Thimbleberry cake but with raspberries! I posted a picture. It tastes quite good if I do say so myself and a wonderful recipe so thank you. I got the Liebster award which is to get to know a person and I kind of felt bad to nominate people but I went with it for fun. No worries I didn't send one to you-lol I know people are nearing the end of this but you were there all the way through so thanks! Love the doggie in the picture:)

  5. Thank you so much for featuring me! Yes, I was a bit weary by the end, but I do short blog posts anyway. In fact...the format I invented for the A to Z challenge was designed specifically for their "short and sweet' rule and I decided to keep it after the challenge is over. I've enjoyed meeting everyone so much, I want to spend more time reading everyone's and less time writing blogs, so short is best for now! Look forward to many more blogs from you.

  6. I am happy to have found you and I loved all that I learned about fruit. Every month is busy but I think April is a good month!

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge! ♥

  8. April wore me out too but the challenge was a lot of fun and I'm glad to have discovered your blog among others. Good luck getting that novel ready to market! I will look forward to the cover reveal. :)

  9. I absolutely LOVED your fruit posts and wished I had made it here more often. I've made a mental note to come back and read them all, but man, I've got to get through some of my deadlines first. That, or perfect time manipulation. I'm voting for the second. ;)

  10. What a wonderful reflective post. I learned so much about the fruit you chose to feature on your A to Z, so I appreciated your research. Great job. And thanks for the information.

  11. It was tough at the end.
    I like your suggestion.
    April is a busy month at school.

    M : )

  12. H Sharon .. I loved your fruits and veg posts .. they were fascinating to see and to read about - I wish my brain took the info in .. I really enjoyed the time spent on each post ..

    Congratulations and I hope to see you around as the year progresses .. cheers Hilary

  13. I agree with your wish to move the A-toZ to a less-busy month. It couldn't have come at a worse time this year, but I dared not miss it! I hope you've been able to get some gardening done since it ended. I'm still terribly behind (read: not started yet).

  14. All your A-to-Z posts were written on the spot? Wow, I'm impressed! I don't think I would've been able to manage that...

    Enjoy all your gardening! :)

  15. Wow. I didn't write my A-Z posts in advance either, but I did make them up off the top of my head so I didn't have much researching to do. Kudos to you for all the work you did!
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  16. Your posts never seemed too long, Sharon, because they were chock full of useful and fun info. Loved coming over to see what interesting fruit you were introducing to us. I am still looking for an ice cream plant.. Look forward to your cover reveal. God bless, Maria @ Delight Directed Living

  17. Thank you all for your kind comments and support. You made the A-Z so worth it. I wish you a wonderful spring and summer.....writing, blogging, gardening, playing with family and whatever else warms and fills your heart :)


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