Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: A Blog Award

Anoosha at Little Big Girl was very sweet to nominate me for the Liebster Award. THANK YOU, Anoosha! This particular Liebster (my second) highlights the discovery of new blogs, which I was all too happy to do in the April Challenge. I discovered some very creative blogs, and Anoosha's was one of them. I encourage you to take a look if you missed her in the A-Z.

Other blogs nominated by Anoosha were: 
Creative Ramblings
Suzannes Tribe
Anything But Ordinary

Anoosha's Questions for me:

1) Why Blog?

For me, it is the same as "Why write?" I blog because I have to. I have this innate need to share my thoughts and feelings in this journey called life. I find that in addition to keeping me sane and focused, it brings organization and clarity to my thoughts. I started blogging with the intention of creating a blog platform for my novel, but it has morphed into something more.

2) What is your favorite sport/activity/hobby besides blogging or writing ?

Gardening, for one. My husband and I may be moving, so I have been doing some intensive gardening lately. Biking is my favorite personal sport. I would like to take up tennis again, and couple's dancing (hoping husband agrees). I seldom watch sports on TV.  

3) Which is your favorite Blog post ?

Mine? I wrote one about kissing in elementary school that riled me up a bit. I like posts that get people talking. I wish I could write more like that one. I also wrote a post about two bikers in Thailand who had lost their lives. They were living the adventure I would have enjoyed in my youth. A very sad end for the thirty-something couple, in a country I had traveled to and enjoyed immensely. 

4) What is your Spirit Animal ?

Well...I don't think I have one for real, but I did have an interesting experience with an eagle once. It was after learning about spirit animals in a Native American class I had recently taken. An encounter with an eagle was very special, I was told. It meant that you would complete your journey. A short time later, I was on

vacation. While standing on the balcony overlooking Washington state's beautiful Puget Sound, an eagle flew by so close in front I could almost touch its wings. I have always loved the eagle, and have a painting of one in flight in my home. It reminds me of the scripture: "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they will mount up on wings like eagles." (Isaiah 40:31)

5) Any guilty pleasures? 

Probably drink too much coffee. Strange thing about this beverage is that it is good for you in moderate amounts, but hard on the bladder in excess. I'm trying to cut down.

6) What is favorite book and why?

Have been asked this question before and could answer it in one of a hundred ways. Certain books (fiction and nonfiction) have been important to me at different stages of life. The only ones I consistently return to for inspiration are the Bible, The Norton Anthology of English Literature, and Anthology of American Literature.

7) Which fictional character do you most identify with?
Again, hard to answer. Will default to my childhood favorite, Jo, in Little Women. She wanted to be a writer (she wanted to be different) and that was inspiration enough.

8) If you could only describe yourself in three words what would they be ?

Creative, Adventuresome, Faithful 

9) When are you happiest ?

I need time alone to be happy. This includes in my home, garden, writing, and other pursuits. I am happiest when I can balance this with the people in my life....who are no less important, but know how grumpy I get when I am struggling with a goal or task.           

10) If you could meet anybody living or dead who would it be?

I would love to meet my two grandmothers as young women. My Norwegian Grandma had a deep faith (and jail ministry later in life). My German Nana looked so cute in a photo as a teen in her 'roaring twenties' flapper outfit. She later traveled around the world with my grandfather.

11) Eleven facts about myself:

1- I grew up in Tacoma, Washington.

2- My high school (Stadium) was modeled after a French castle 
Tacoma - Stadium High School 03A.jpg
Stadium High School
and built in the late 1800s. Famous speakers there include one U.S. president and a Washington state governor. A movie was made there, too.

3- I was a tomboy growing up and could beat the boys in arm wrestling.

4- When I met my husband it was like that 'Tony meets Maria scene' in Westside Story. The room stood still.

5- A terrible dancer. My mother signed me up for tap when I was four and I cried the entire time. (Odd, I now want to take couple's dancing with my husband).

6- Attended five colleges before getting a B.A. degree at the

University of Idaho. My son graduated two years prior, and daughter the following year. (It was an exciting time)

7- Frustrated with Christmas trees and all the mess. Does anyone know a good way to market Christmas ornaments?

In high school, I co-chaired the decoration of a float  for Tacoma's famous Daffodil Parade. We covered an entire float with daffodils.

I have six grandchildren (five boys, one girl).

10- Favorite holiday in the U.S. is Thanksgiving, 
because it keeps me thankful


11- My husband and I recently found an airpark home (with a 
hangar) in Desert Aire, WA
and may be moving soon.  

My Nominees are:

1) Fanny Barnes Thornton
2) Things My Mother Taught Me (Leslie Melby)

Questions for you:

1) How long have been blogging and why did you start ?
2) What is your favorite sport, activity or hobby (besides blogging and writing) ?
3) Do you have a favorite song ?
4) What is your favorite animal and why ?
5) What would you change in the world if you could ?
6) What is your favorite book and why?
7) Which fictional character do you most identify with?
8) If you could only describe yourself in three words what would they be ?
9) When are you happiest ?
10) If you could meet anybody living or dead who would it be?

Rules for award:
Link back to the blog that has nominated you.
Nominate 5-11 blogs that have less than 200 followers
Answer questions posted to you by your nominator.
Share 11 facts about yourself.
Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
Contact nominees; inform them they have been nominated.

This is a Celebrate post. I'm thankful to have posted something at all this week. It's been a very busy week cleaning house, filling out real estate paperwork, getting ready for a potential move and selling our home. Hope you are having a good spring. Summer is almost here!


  1. I don't think you qualify tor this. You already have over 100 followers! ;) I enjoyed learning many new things about you in this post.

  2. Hmm....was not aware of this rule, but still a nice gesture. Thanks for commenting, Cathy.

  3. Reading your posts is like opening a box of assorted chocolates, all of which you know you like, selecting one and discovering that it is your very favorite. ...or perhaps looking at a collection of polished stones and realizing that they're all gems. (And I am embarrassed to admit that I am still chuckling at the image of you as a tot at a tap-dance class, bawling...) I hope our weekend is a good one! Diana at About Myself By Myself (...remembering the dawn moment, driving beside the Connecticut river, when a bald eagle rose suddenly from the trees that bordered the river and came swooping across, just ahead of my windshield, turning to show me that fan of white tailfeathers, and then heading east on a strong wingbeat...)

    1. Diana, It's always encouraging to read your comments. I love the box of chocolate concept. Thank you so much! Neat you had an eagle experience too. They really are magnificent birds. I hope you are having a good writing spring in Connecticut. I think you are my only link to that part of the U.S. Sounds lovely there.

  4. I didn't know too much coffee was bad for your bladder! I drink cold Starbucks frappucinos (the store-bought kind) sometimes. That's the extent of my coffee drinking. I do drink a soda almost every day, though--just one.

    1. Sigh....I cannot live without my favorite beverage....plain coffee with a little cream is how I love it, or at Starbucks, the Americano. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie.

  5. Love that you did the Liebster ( I think I may have nominated you but I can't remember-old timers disease:)) Love reading about you. I am a Christmas fiend and am still finding needles but will not give the tree:) I can'r believe you have grandchildren...especially 6. My spirit animal(s) are the wolf and horse. I always went to see them since I was a kid and am surrounded by them in some form or another. I have a feeling the Eagle is yours. Wish I could have gone to a high school looking like yours. Love that you beat the men in arm wrestling:) The Liebster award is over 200 and you are aok:)

    1. Ha-ha...thank you, Birgit! Oh, I would have to add the horse to my list, too. Given another life I think I could easily live on a horse ranch. All that 'horse whisperer' stuff fascinates me.

  6. The great thing about these awards is how much we get to learn about you. It was interesting.

    1. Thanks, Liz. Always nice to hear from you :)

  7. Hi Sharon .. interesting to read all the bits and bobs ... I think blogs do morph once we find our voice and settle into the rhythm of blogging ... you just have so many interesting ideas to offer us .. coffee .. and many other not so good things ... I need to adjust over the summer - but your fruits in the A-Z were great ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful summer, Hilary. Stay in touch!

  8. Aw, I think it's so sweet how you'd want to meet your grandmothers when they were young! And I completely agree with you about alone time. Without it, it'd be hard to stay sane, I think!

    1. Oh, I really would love to meet these two ladies. I grew up hearing so much about them. I'm glad someone else understands my need to be alone. It's my creative 'wind-up time', and I can see the results of this at your blog too, Heather!

  9. I love your portrayal of how you and your hubby met... 'Tony meets Maria scene' in Westside Story...
    Very interesting 3 words to describe yourself...

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I hope you are having a good spring. I need to pop over to your blog and say 'hi' :)

  10. What a great award! Congratulations on receiving it and on doing such a bang up job in carrying out its mission. I loved learning more about you. Being alone and loving the experience is wonderful and nourishing. I agree.

  11. Thank you, Lee :) I have appreciated your comments this past month. I hope you are having a good spring. Happy writing!

  12. Hi Sharon. I really loved reading your answers. You are a great writer who keeps her posts interesting till the end and everyone wants to read more . I love reading your posts as they teach me so many things.Its nice to meet you ..thanks to A-Z which helped me discover you.
    Through this post, I have learnt so much more about you. Nice to know that you have 6 grandchildren. That's so amazing. Would love to watch you and husband dance.Thank you for the kind words dear Sharon.Have a good day :)

  13. Congrats on the award. Really enjoyed reading and learning more about you. I would've loved to have gone to your high school. Looks amazing!! Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow! I learned so much in this post! I've been to Stadium - although I've never been a student there. It is the best-looking high school around! And your plane - awesome!!! I love that you are considering moving to a place with an airpark. :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  15. I read a book once where someone was described as one who could 'talk about life with splashes of color'. Perhaps the writer knew you! I hope your weekend went beautifuly!
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  16. Ah yes, Ten Things I Hate About You is the movie. Sweet memories. :-D

    Congrats on winning the award.

  17. Congratulations, it's lovely that you got the Liebster Award and that you shared more things with everyone. Happy weekend.

  18. An award is always something to celebrate! Congratulations.

  19. Award, airplanes and bumblebees - you come up with some wonderful stuff. And while your impending move may not be one of those, the result will be worth it.

  20. Nice post, with both celebration and information. I feel like I know you a bit better, now - that always makes me come back and see what you're up to. Have a good weekend..

  21. Congratulations on the award! I know how everyday life things can keep a person busy, busy, busy but at least it does slow eventually to allow for taking deep breaths and relaxing :)

  22. Hi. Thank you all for your kind comments. Almost moved in to our new home. What an ordeal moving to a new town has been, and now the summer is over. It's been a feat of organization but back on schedule soon!


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