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Z is for Zig-zag Fruit: Yummy Fruits A-Z

The zig-zag vine, also known as "acid drop vine"and "wild banana,"
has a curious growth pattern. In the wild, it starts at the bottom of a host tree and zig-zags up the trunk until it reaches the sunlight at the top. 

In a controlled setting, the zig-zag vine makes a nice evergreen shrub, growing from three to twenty feet high, but in the wild, the sky is the limit.
Zig-zag fruit is the size of a peanut.


The Zig-zag vine is native to the rain forests of eastern Australia. It also grows in New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Borneo, and Indonesia (Malesia).  

Zig-zag vine flower
When the zig-zag vine blossoms, it is a yummy soft yellow, and the rain forest is filled with the scent of ripe bananas, but the fruit is probably the best part of all. It tastes like orange sherbet, people say, a tangy flavor that is quite pleasant. Picked locally, it is sometimes used to flavor sauces and liqueurs. I'd like to taste this fruit. How about you?

"Orange sherbet anyone?"

Zig-zag Books

--Agent Zigzag: A True Story of Nazi Espionage, Love, and Betrayal
by Ben Macintyre (2009)

--Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity by Keith Sawyer (2013)

--Zigzag by Ellen Wittlinger (2012) (fiction)

--Zigzag: The Incredible Wartime Exploits of Double Agent Eddie Chapman  by Nicholas Booth (2007)

--The Zigzag Principle: The Goal Setting Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Business and Your Life by Rich Christiansen (2011)

--Inga's Zigzags 
by Vica Miller (2014) (fiction)

--Architects Make Zigzags: Looking at Architecture  from A to Z 
by Diane Maddex (1986)

--Zigzag (2005) (picture book)
by Robert San Souci

Zig-zag Movies

--The Zigzag Kid (2012) 
(Nono wants to be like his father, the best police inspector in the world) (Adventure, family)

--Zig Zag (2002) (An autistic 15-year-old boy steals money from his boss to pay rent for his abusive father) (drama)

Zig Zag Story (1983) The lives of three parisians, a color-blind painter, a radio show host, and a perverted photographer interwine hilariously. (Comedy, Drama)

Zig-zag Song

"Zig Zag" by Miley Cyrus (video)

And, Zig-zagging

to the END 

of a very long 

and interesting month. 

We did it everyone! Take a big BIG BOW!!!;

Sharon M. Himsl

Writer/Author. Blogging since 2011. 
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~~The Shells of Mersing


  1. Congrats on reaching the end! I learned about a lot of fruits I had never even heard of before, thanks to you!

  2. Another new fruit to learn about, and look at all these zig-zag titles--a neat way to end the challenge. I'm particularly interested in "Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity." Sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on completing the challenge :-)

  3. Your posts were nothing short of amazing (and tasty, too). Now, you can rest a bit on the fruits of your labors--hopefully, though, not too long so that we can visit again.
    Great finale!

    1. Hi Heather - Had no idea either there were so many different fruits!
      Kenda - You're welcome! Some of these books really look interesting. The zig-zag concept is new to me, too.
      Inge - Thanks! Still getting my wind I'm afraid...and also reminded of your lovely a-z sailing posts :)

  4. Now that is a fruit I would love to try and hope it gets to my part of the world one day. We did make it! You have a great A to Z and learned a lot. I plan to make that Thimbleberry cake this weekend although I will be using raspberries

  5. Again, I can't read your posts in the morning because of the glare I have in my office here at home. So I will go back tonight and read about this zigzag fruit, yet another fruit I never heard of. Reading your posts made me want to travel the world just to eat fruit! It has been great getting to you and all the fruit.

  6. Hi Sharon .. love the sound of the zig-zag fruit .. and that tantalising smell .. perfumed to perfection by the sound of it ... clever to find a Z ...

    Cheers and so well done - I'll be back to read through .. Hilary

    1. Birgit... Hi! Finally saw the cheesecake. Wow...yum! Glad you enjoyed!
      Inger....Happy you visited my blog. Loved learning about your desert world :)
      Hilary...Oh, I hope you can try it someday. Thanks for sharing my a-z experience. Loved learning geology at yours!

  7. Another one I've never heard of. But anything that tastes like orange sherbet has to be good.

    So glad to meet you thanks to the Challenge, I've enjoyed your posts!

  8. Tastes like orange sherbet? That sounds like I fruit I could get into!

  9. Oh wow. Another fruit that tastes like a frozen dessert. That's amazing. Zigzag is one of those fun words, but often when vines zigzag up a tree, they are killing it. This one, though sounds like it gives as much as it takes. Thanks for some great posts throughout the challenge. Congratulations on reaching the finish line. Maria, Delight Directed Living

    1. Julie...Ditto.. enjoyed yours as well. I hope we can continue to share posts.
      Stephanie...A yummy a-z adventure! Hope to see you again.
      Maria...Congrats to you, too. Our 2nd a-z experience. Way to go, staying the course and inspiring me again!

  10. Mmm. It sounds delicious. Now I totally have to head out and take all your blog posts with me so I can track down and try each thing. (Except for the disgusting ones.)

    True Heroes from A to Z

  11. I've zig-zagged my way from A to Z! And so have you! Great posts and now you've ended with a bang. That fruit makes my mouth water.

  12. Me too. I'd definitely like to try the fruit. Beautiful shade of yellow -- the flower and the dessert.
    And here we are, at the end of the challenge. Congrats, Sharon. It's been fun blogging with you this month. See you soon.
    Silvia @

    1. Crystal...Thanks. It was fun to share the a-z with you. All the best!
      Lee...You made the a-z fun and gave us all some detective work, too :)
      Silvia...I learned more about your country too. Congrats to you too!!

  13. I was wondering what fruit you could tie in with a Z. Well done. I'm so impressed and it looks and sounds yummy. I'll see you soon. I've enjoyed following you and I'll definitely be back.

  14. Orange sherbert?! Now that's a fruit I can get behind. Congrats on finishing the A-Z! I really enjoyed your posts. :)

  15. Congratulations on reaching the A to Z finishing line!
    Your theme was very interesting. I've learned a lot about fruits... and that there IS one for every letter of the alphabet!
    Writer In Transit

    1. Debi....Thanks! And congrats to you, too, finishing a good run. Stay in touch :)
      Lexa...Was fun meeting you....and reading your 'spooky' posts :) Well done!
      Michelle...Thanks. Congrats to you too. Give yourself a big pat :)

  16. Congratulations on completing the A to Z right to the end. I bet orange sherbet tastes really sweet.

  17. Yay, another A-Z completed! This fruit sounds good, but I don't know where I'd need to go to find it.

  18. Hi Sharon
    You have put so much research and work into your posts for the A-Z, and they've been very impressive. I would never have believed there were so many unusual fruits - and 'zig-zag' - what a great finale.
    Congratulations on crossing the finish line.
    I'll be visiting again.

    1. Spacer guy....Thanks, and you too! Start Trek was the 'perfect' theme :)
      Cathy....Well, we did it my friend. Whew....well done!!
      Fanny....Thanks! You did a great job, too. Stay in touch :)

  19. I'd never heard of that fruit. Smells like bananas but tastes like orange sorbet? I'd like to try it!
    Congratulations on completing the Challenge.

  20. Imagine that. The Zigzag vine for Z could have been the acid drop vine at A as well. Very interesting. I'd never heard of it.

  21. Yeah, that sounds like something I'd like to try. So many strange fruits out there.

    Woo-hoo! We made it!

    1. Alex....Thanks....Your posts were terrific as always. All the best!
      Scott....Thanks. Enjoyed meeting you in the a-z. One of the many benefits :)
      Liz...Well, we did it my friend! Well done! Stay in touch, okay?

  22. Who would have that there would be a Z fruit! Interesting with the zig-zag! WTG for finishing the challenge! I did enjoy reading the posts that I did and learning about some fruits I had not heard of.


  23. How intriguing! I've never heard of the Zig Zag vine. Congratulations on finishing the Challenge.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  24. Yay...we completed the Challenge. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Betty...I know, I was tickled to find a 'z' fruit. Congrats on finishing, too! We all deserve a good long rest :)
      Mary....Congrats to you too. Was so pleased to meet you last year, my first a-z.
      Cathrina...Thanks....Congrats to you too. Stay in touch!

  25. Hi human, Sharon,

    I Zig-Zagged my way over here. I can assure you that no Zig Zag rolling papers were involved. I reckon that Zig-Zag vine meanders all over the place.

    Hearty congrats to you for finishing the amazing alphabet challenge.


    Your cordial host of The Alphabark Challenge, 2014! :)

  26. Hi Sharon. I wasn't able to find an email address for you so I am using comments to say thank you for being a part of my blogging experience during the 2014 challenge. As a gesture of my appreciation, I would like to offer you a free digital copy of Ashmore Grief. If you could please email me at I will give the you details. Thanks again and bye for now.

  27. I found your Challenge to be very interesting and informative. I am glad that I found you. Thank you so much for coming to visit me during the month of April...

  28. Gary....Thanks for your 'pawerful' support in the a-z. Much appreciated!
    DA....Thank you! Slow on my part....but email has finally been sent. I enjoyed your a-z this year. Your posts never failed to be interesting :)
    Paula...A pleasure meeting you in a-z. Learned much about the'care giver' struggle. Stay in touch, ok?

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    I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will
    often come back someday. I want to encourage you to
    continue your great job, have a nice day!

  30. Awesome article.


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