Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekly Recap: Back to Work

I have taken off the past few weeks, for vacation, family, illness, and just plain orneriness. Interpretation: I needed a break!! I have been resting when I feel like it, reading when the urge hits, and gardening when it isn't too darn hot (mostly too hot), but enough groveling. Back to work for me, and this week I have been working on the book again--four hours a day. Yay! Goal: finish Chapter 21 this week and 22-24 over the next three weeks. I'm in "got to get it done" mode. 

Why is it I can go to the hospital for an expensive test (e.g. an ultrasound) and never hear back officially from my doctor, confirming it is good or bad. Why do I have to bird dog my doctors? Everything is on computers these days, but if I have an illness or need a prescription, I am asked if I have had a certain medication before. Isn't it in your records? I ask. Well, yes, somewhere . . . Hmm . . . out of pocket I will likely pay $165 for this visit, I am thinking, and you can't tell me? I have started a home record-keeping method to monitor all this, but isn't that their job? Just my opinion of course.

Doubly bugged:
Schools in the U.S. are actually considering removing recess from elementary schools, to make room for more teaching! And those kids will be alert enough to learn more? I think not! When is the health and physical fitness of our children going to be important again? I played from morning to dusk, often outside, when I was a kid. I even climbed trees. Yes, dangerous, you might say, but what an experience I had. I climbed monkey bars too and was so strong I could arm wrestle boys in my teens. I lived on my bike during the summer, swam in the bay, and sat and rolled on the grass and sand where all those crawly things live. We have become too regimented and I feel sorry for our children today. Just my opinion of course.  

I am impressed this week with my city's law enforcement. Pullman, WA where I live has a population of only 31,000, but we have been plagued with suspected arson for several years. Most recently was the burning down of four apartment complexes being constructed. The university here has had a huge increase in students so housing has been in short supply. The estimated loss in its current state of construction was $13 million! Well . . . finally, someone has been arrested, and it is now a federal case, as the crimes committed have likely extended beyond our borders. The man heard voices that told him to 'do bad things' we are told. Scary. 

I have been reading Anne Morrow Lindbergh's North to the Orient (1935). It was her first venture into writing and written after the kidnapping and murder of her and Charles's son. I can only imagine how heart wrenching the aftermath of his death must have been. The only therapy that I can imagine working for me would have been to write my heart out, which is exactly what she has done in North to the Orient. It documents a trip that she and Charles took to China over the north pole, but there is so much more. I will do a review eventually. Here are some of Anne's inspiring words that speak to me as a writer:

"Yesterday's fairy tale is today's fact. The magician is only one step ahead of his audience. I must write down my story before it is too late."

Your thoughts?



  1. Wow, what a story you are reading. I can imagine the inspiration in that book.

    I need to pick up on my writing, too, here soon. It's been too long.

    My son is going into 8th grade and not once did he take a PE class. It's crazy! Luckily, he likes playing outdoors, and riding his bike, but I know many kids just don't do that.

  2. While therapeutic, that would be such a hard story to write. I look forward to the review.

  3. Taking recess out is a bad idea, especially when childhood obesity already runs rampant.
    Four hours a day? Go, go, go!

  4. I echo Jai's comment. And the cat photo made me smile. :)

  5. I experienced a similar disconnect with my doctor recently. Some, but not all results from tests were sent to me. Of those that weren't sent, I had to bug them for the answers--which they couldn't find until they did some serious searching on their computer records.

    Then, they do things differently. They don't do as many tests on the blood, and what they do, they do in-house. All the changes are apparently cost-saving measures, due to the soon-to-be official Obamacare.

    Hoot! Hoot! for finishing your revision in three weeks!

  6. Good for you for taking that break. We need to do that once in a while...and that's another reason kids need recess. The break refreshes the mind and body.

  7. Welcome back, Sharon! I am so sorry you have been ill (and required to deal with the ins and outs of health insurance and pharmacy record-keeping)! I hope you are on the mend and glad to see you back (and feisty!) You're just in time to see me take a deep breath and address the blog awards I was given (one from you). Have a good weekend!

  8. Sometimes we all need a break. Glad you got one.

    Schools removing recess? Don't they realize the teachers need the recess just as much as the kiddos do?

  9. Thanks for visiting Zoe Cottage this week. Sorry I have taken so long to come around and say HI! Good for you to take a break, sad about the recess--scary about the doctors (we just go for our required physicals or if we break a bone) and YAY for finishing chapters!

  10. Primary schools here in New South Wales (elementary equivalent)are a bit the other way. They spend too much time not sitting and learning. A possible overreaction to the increasing problem of obesity. Healthy children who can't spell. As with all things, balance is needed.

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  12. Miranda - Hi! Neat your son is still active. Hope the writing picks up, but summers are a real challenge.

    Jai - Know what you mean. A tough story to tell!

    Alex - I try to understand the reasoning behind this problem and just don't get it.

    Linda - Thanks! I couldn't resist the cat photo.

    Cathy - Guess the problem with health care has only just begun. Kind of scary.

    Patricia- Hi! True, true...the break applies to all age groups!

    Diana - Thanks! I need to check your award post soon.

    Liz - And as a teacher, you sure would know!

    Onery - Hi! Thanks for visiting, too. It felt good to vent a bit.

    David - Interesting twist in New South Wales. You are right we need balance!


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