Works in Progress

Finding Juliah (YA) (Sequel to The Shells of Mersing)


Molly on the Runway (MG) (Contemporary)

When Molly's famous journalist parents get a dangerous assignment in Africa, her willingness to live with grandparents she has never met for the summer seems like the perfect solution. For some twelve-year-olds, traveling around the world with your famous parents might seem like the adventure of a lifetime, but it is all she has ever known. A peaceful existence getting to know a grandma who bakes cookies and sews in her spare time and a grandpa who tinkers in the garage sounds ideal, and according to Dad, her assessment of them is just about right. "Pretty boring, to be honest, Molly," he says. "Be prepared to read a lot of books." Perfect, Molly thinks to herself. She loves reading books. What she doesn't realize is that peaceful Sage Brush Aire is about to give her a REAL adventure. Traveling around the world was nothing. 

Appaloosa Diamond  (YA) (Contemporary)

Now that they are officially broke, Dad is thinking of selling off ten acres, maybe even the whole place so Matt (17) won’t worry so much about him. It's what his mother, if she were still alive, would have wanted. Matt can go to college in the fall and there’s a trailer court not too far away, where a friend has offered Dad a room. Matt shouldn't have to worry about caring for a disabled dad. But Matt is already beside himself with worry. Matt takes matters into hand and makes a terrible mistake that could change everything. The only bright spot in all this is Melissa and her mom Mary, the vet, and a horse named Diamond.

  Summer Refuge (YA) (Contemporary)

(Synopsis pending - rewriting old draft)


  1. I love that you've chosen images, almost like cover art, for your ideas.

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I needed a visual to motivate me, and of course I still need to write a synopsis for each one. One for Shells should be coming soon.


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