Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things: Daily Pleasures

A long walk down 
by the lake.

A wind-free day 
when fifty-something 
felt like seventy. 

Geese flocking together on the water.

Flying in for the 'honking' convention. 

Killdeer following me as I walk, leading me away from their family. 

Do killdeer really nest this soon? 

Tortilla pizza lunch with friends,
A nurturing talk with my writer bud
Helping another with her new blog. 

My Recipe for Tortilla pizza

1 flour tortilla
Meat topping
1 TB Tomato paste
Vegetable toppings

Spread tomato paste on one tortilla. Sprinkle with oregano and/or other Italian spices. Top with meat (try cooked chicken breast and/or sausage). Add vegetable toppings (I like green & red pepper, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and one green olive, all chopped of course). Sprinkle mozzarella over all.  Place on one lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake in 400 degree oven for 12 minutes. If tortilla isn't crisp, bake longer. It's the crispness that makes this thin crust pizza so delicious. Also, I purchase freshly made tortillas, so try to buy fresh if you can. Enjoy!

  These are the kind of daily pleasures that filled my week. The only thing that sort of went wrong was not entering the Pitch Madness contest on Monday. Since word count was an issue, I spent up to the last minute deleting words in my book, but failed to make the midnight deadline. That EST acronym blew right past me. Yep, that's right, I forgot the Eastern Standard Time zone. But maybe it's just as well. The book was flabby in places, I discovered. ~Sigh~

How was your week? 

Have a nice weekend!

Thank you Lexa Cain for hosting this blog hop!
And co-hosts: L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge  
and Katie @ TheCyborgMom


  1. Hi Sharon - EST, yes I've done that with CST zone instead. I'm so ready for a walk in our park. You tickled with the photo, "Flying in for the honking convention." I know when I hear them, spring is nigh! I can't wait to try the Tortilla pizza. Thank you.
    Have a lovely weekend - looks like the weather is great! (smile)

  2. A long walk by a lake sounds divine. When we warm up, I'm going to do the same. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Sorry it's so cold. I sometimes feel guilty we're having such terrific weather in the NW.

  3. What lovely pictures. The pleasure of a walk in such beautiful surroundings is certainly something to celebrate. I'm on the blog hop, too, and love the idea of this hop. I'm celebrating work by my art students. Stop by to have a look.

    1. Thanks! Loved the student art at your blog :)

  4. The walk sounds lovely and it is also so nice to see nature. I believe once it starts to be early spring, the Killdeer do start nesting. When I grew up on the sawmill they would be nesting by March and the mother would pretend to have her wing broken to lead me away from the nest. I would find them but never touch them and make a pattern for the men at the sawmill to see so they would not disturb them

    1. A sawmill? You and your husband both have had some incredible experiences. I love hearing your insights :)

  5. Your daily pleasures sound so nice, and I love the photos. I could use a long walk right about now. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you. I hope you get out and enjoy the fresh air, even it is cold.

  6. Sorry you missed the deadline, but at least you learned two things - what EST is and that your book needs a bit of trimming. Great pics! Are geese flying back north this soon in the year? I make pizza from Lebanese pita bread (its very thin). Yay for talking to and helping friends. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I am too. I'm more sorry, I need to keep cutting words, but I'm getting there. Pizza would be good on thin pita bread, too.

  7. These are great celebrations! Thanks for the recipe!


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