Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to One of the Happiest People I Know

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Today is my husband's birthday, one of the happiest people I know. He is incredibly blessed to have achieved so many of his dreams. He really is a happy man, and he would be the first to admit this if you were to ask. I know I am in there too somewhere (blush, blush), but that's a another topic for another time. 
Favorite photo of Vince and me, and the RV8. St. Maries, Idaho

Foremost on his mind has always been his desire to fly and a passion for aviation, as a young boy, a teen, and as the man I married at 19 (he was 20). It was a long struggle getting his pilot's license, interrupted by jobs, school, raising a family, home repairs, remodels, car, boat and RV repairs, etc. He also reads and edits the fiction I am writing and hope to publish one day. He has a heart for middle grade and young adult fiction, especially for troubled youth who were unfairly treated and are struggling to overcome the odds. To give you some idea, he read the Harry Potter series twice!

So is it any wonder it took twelve years to build an airplane in our garage? (Yep....that's right, in our garage :-).

But as the pilot's license eventually became a reality, so too did the plane he labored over and eventually flew. He soloed in 2009.

Here is the RV8 in 2007. The wings are hanging upper left. I helped with the riveting and did the upholstery, but Vince did everything else. It is still amazing to me an airplane was built in our garage. The boys in the neighborhood would stop by to visit and just drool. One boy even went on to get his pilot's license and became an instructor. He is now training in Montana to be a missionary pilot 
Vince at 14
There have been other accomplishments of note . . . finishing his
degree in his forties, a university career (he is about to retire), teaching computers in Malaysia for one year, and playing classical guitar, but flying and owning an airplane have always been somewhere at the top. If you have ever doubted that dreams can be achieved, he is the perfect example they can be.  

Happy Birthday Vince!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Vince, and may the two of you spend many, many more together.

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I passed on your greeting. He had a wonderful day :)

  3. A belated happy birthday to him. He sounds like a great man. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to Vince and achieving his goals!! Have a great weekend celebrating, Sharon!

  5. Very cool that he built the plane! My hubby had the opportunity to take a flight class in high school (we went to high school on the Air Force Academy). Your hubby seems to have had an interesting life up to now, and I'm sure there's much more to come. Happy Birthday to him and enjoy your blog break!

    The Warrior Muse


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