Monday, May 23, 2011

The Shells We Collect . . .

It is interesting . . . the things we collect . . . how they become the inspiration and details behind the tales we write. On my desk sits a small shell collection gathered from a remote beach in Mersing, Malaysia.

I became an avid collector of shells while living in Kluang, Malaysia with my husband for nine incredible months. Some years later I am still impacted by that life-changing experience, and my home has a definite Asian feel to this day (elephants everywhere . . . and more).

The Mersing shells hold top billing on my desk at present. Small and unremarkable to the eye at first glance, they are the basis of a novel I am writing. They sit atop a small box holding a collection of sailing knots and instruction for the novice sailor (also in my novel). The box is titled, "Learn the Ropes," and indeed, since I am still learning the ropes as a writer, it seems perfect.

However, I do know how to sail. For a time I borrowed every sailing saga I could get my hands on. I loved the adventure of sailing and the thrill of learning something new. I finally talked my husband into buying a small Montgomery 15-foot sailboat, which led to a week long camping trip in the San Juan Islands (WA). The sails I take . . . or the adventures I make . . . continue to have their allure.  

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  1. Would love to hear about one of your sailing adventures some time :)

  2. what a great post Sharon, I get so wrapped up in politics ever since Diane bought me a Bill Reilly book a couple years ago. that i lose track of the important things sometimes. Thanks for sharing Tom


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