Thursday, November 16, 2017

Update - Interview at Jennifer Macaire's Blog

Hi all. The weather is rather nice today in central Washington state. The sky is blue and the wind mercilessly calm. Boy do we ever get our share of wind here. Winter is when all attempts at bright green go dormant in the desert. One blink of neglect....the sage brush returns and Russian thistle takes over, which I've dubbed the cockroach of weeds. It's a constant battle, but I'm still smiling, especially today...
      An interview of me at Jennifer Macaire's new blog was posted this week and I hope you'll take a look. Please, if you have time, give a look. VIRTUAL HUGS to all who do! Who knows? You may learn something new about me, and Jennifer too.

       Jennifer is an awesome Evernight Teen author, and Book 1 of her new Alexander series was recently published with Accent Press/Simon and Schuster. She also has a fascinating background as a fashion model.  

"I'm still hanging in there. Are you??"

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