Sunday, September 17, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things: Don't Believe You Can't Achieve a Goal

Stepping out of your comfort zone? Afraid you took on a goal you could never possibly achieve? This may be the video you need to hear. Three times now I've listened to its message, and three times I have found the words helpful.  

I found some inspiration this week listening to speakers at the SCBWI Writers' Conference in Spokane, WA. Saw some old friends so all was good---loved it, but writing a new draft to completion remains difficult for me. Maintaining focus has always been a challenge, and I have a stack of unfinished drafts as evidence. This time, however, the luxury of time shouldn't be taken for granted. I have a book sequel to complete, so it's back to the 100-Day Challenge after taking two days off....and this marvelous video. 

Sorry I'm late posting a Celebrate post this week. It'll roll over into Friday later this week. Wishing you all the best, and if Weekends are your time of rest, by all means DO that. But as this video emphasizes, DON'T BELIEVE YOU CAN'T ACHIEVE A GOAL, because you really can. YOU REALLY CAN!

I'm headed back with my characters to Mersing and the South China Sea this week. Just visited Singapore. Not in real time of course, but you get my drift.....

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  1. Go get those goals! I have to push myself to remember that too right now.

    1. And same to you, Tonya. We have to stick together!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck with that sequel! And wow, what a great video. I've struggled with more insecurities than normal over my art career this year, so I really needed to hear something like this...

    1. Thanks Heather. Best of luck to you too. Setting up a new website is a ton of work!

  3. I'm in query-mode, so yes, I really need to watch that video. Thanks for bringing it my attention.

    1. Boy do I ever sympathize. Query letters are antagonizing! Glad the video encouraged you. I love it.

  4. Super video! My insecurities are always a burden but I try to work through them to the best of my abilities.

  5. That's great you can work through the insecurities. I have my moods and videos like this one sure help! Thanks for stopping by.


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