Saturday, August 27, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: Always Something Good to Celebrate

Hi. It's been awhile since I've blogged officially. April, to be exact, but a little nudge from Lexa, our fearless "Celebrate" leader, gave me the incentive to turn on the computer, place my fingers on the keyboard and type. 

So what have I been doing since April? I could list all the things I haven't been doing in rather boring detail, like not writing my next novel or sending out a quad-zillion query letters, but that would depress you, as it has me. More on that in another post... Meanwhile, I do hope to attend a writer's conference in October.

But here, here. There is always something good to celebrate. Don't you agree? Here is a small sampling:

---Gardening, gardening, gardening!! Slowly but surely, our large property is taking shape. The sandy loam soil is full of rocks. For every bucketful of soil, I swear I get half as many rocks...but they are nice River rocks, nicely varied in size and color. So here is my mantra: Got rocks? Make a rock garden! Photos someday I promise.

--I re-connected with my college roommate after many, many years (we think 40). Is that possible? She was traveling my way to pick up a new puppy....a darling toy collie, and spent the night. She was still the nice girl I remembered :) We talked and talked.

--Visited good friends at their farm and river ranch. Vince and our friend played guitar in an old grain tower and the acoustics.....absolutely incredible! They played "Amazing Grace," so you can imagine how beautiful it was.

--Vince restored an old Holiday 1985 speed boat and I mended the Bimini. We have been taking lovely moonlight rides on the lake. I'm surprised at how much cooler it is on the lake. It's been in the hundreds here and it doesn't cool down that much at night, but it feels at least ten degrees cooler on the water.

--Family reunion. I got to know a side of the family I rarely see. I spent time talking to six kids in one family, encouraging them in their life pursuits. I remember those who encouraged me as a girl. It felt good to do the same.

--Two nieces tomorrow, actually. Boy, weddings aren't what they used to be. Tomorrow's wedding is at a campground and was organized by word of mouth (the other one, on Facebook). Seventy or so are supposedly coming. Being more traditional (i.e., a formal invitation), hubby and I almost backed out. But of course, we are going. Family will be there, and that's what weddings are about.  

Our friends and neighbors made this video of our new boat. 

There is always something 
good to celebrate.

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  1. The little things in life are so important, wealth is not the be all and end all of priorities. Great post to read Sharon.

    1. Thanks! So very true, isn't it? The little things of life. We can never be reminded of this too much.

  2. Sounds like plenty to celebrate. Welcome back, Sharon!

  3. My goodness! When you said it was a speedboat, you weren't kidding! That boat is FAST! You've been doing so much. Sometimes the writing has to go on the back burner because you're too busy living life, as you definitely are. I hope you have a great time at the wedding and catching up with family. Thanks for posting! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging email. I think I needed someone to ask why I wasn't blogging. The longer I stayed away the harder it was to get started again. I'm not sure how regular I can be, but this is a good start!

  4. Facebook and word of mouth to organize very 21st century. Makes me wonder what the wedding ceremonies themselves will be like. Make sure you let us know. Oh, and welcome back to the blogosphere!

    1. Oh, I see I'm not the only one who finds this shocking. But I have to say the wedding was lovely. Visiting after the ceremony was fantastic. Very relaxing and we had a great time. Maybe I'll post something next week. Thanks David!

  5. Ok I hope to see some pics of your new doggie. I read that little part and I centered on this:) it's nice when you can meet up with someone and have a great talk. I think that wedding sounds quite nice and hope the weather was good. That video is cool and how fast!

    1. Hi Birgit, thinks! I hope you see my latest...a photo of puppy just for you :)


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