Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Independent Publisher Books Awards: 2015

The IPPY Awards. The Independent Publisher Book Awards were created in 1996 in recognition of independent authors and publishers. Since then there have been thousands of IPPY Awards, and the number is growing. Included are genres reviewed here, but there are plenty more at their site.

Fiction: Juvenile

GOLD: Jack the Castaway, by Lisa Doan; illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic (Darby Creek Publishing)

SILVER: Project Superhero, by E. Paul Zehr (ECW Press)

BRONZE: My Brother's Story, by Allen Johnson Jr. (Premium Press America)

Fiction: Young Adult

GOLD (tie):
-The Belief in Angels, by J. Dylan Yates (Chenery Press)
-Words and Their Meanings, by Kate Bassett (Flux Books / Llewellyn Worldwide)

SILVER (tie):

-Spirit Legacy: Book 1 of the Gateway Trilogy, by E.E. Holmes (Lily Faire Publishing)
-Spelled, by Kate St. Clair (Black Hill Press)

BRONZE: Melt, by Selene Castrovilla (Last Syllable Books)

Fiction (Multicultural): Young Adult

GOLD: The Clever Swallow, by Christopher Lee, illustrated by Yoom Thawilvejakul (Ammonite Films Publishing)

SILVER: Walking Two Worlds, by Joseph Bruchac (7th Generation)

BRONZE: The Parrot Matchmaker: An African Lovers Tale, by Felix Adeoti Oguntoye (Asalako Press)

Nonfiction: Young Adult and Juvenile

GOLD: Smile & Succeed for Teens, by Kirt Manecke (Solid Press, LLC)

SILVER: How to be a Space Explorer: Your Out-of-this-World Adventure, by Mark Brake / Lonely Planet Kids (Lonely Planet Pub)

BRONZE: The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis, by Vanita Oelschlager; illustrated by Joe Rossi (Vanita Books, LLC)

Nonfiction (Multicultural): Young Adult and Juvenile

GOLD: Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life, by Lonely Planet Kids (Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd)

SILVER: All About China, by Allison Branscombe (Tuttle Publishing)

BRONZE: Because I Am a Girl, by Rosemary McCarney with Jen Albaugh and Plan International (Second Story Press)

Picture Books: Children (7 and under)

GOLD: The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm, by LeVar Burton and Susan Schaefer Bernardo; illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher (RR Kidz Inc)

SILVER: The Great Googly Moogly, by Courtney Dicmas (Child’s Play International Ltd.)

BRONZE (tie):

-The Night Before My Birthday Book, by Joni Rubinstein; illustrated by Juana -artinez-Neal (Three Hearts Presents LLC)
-Luna Luna, by Sam Ryan; illustrated by Hazel Mitchell (Mascot Books)

Picture Books: All Ages

GOLD (tie):
-Cyparissus, by Marta Sanmamed; illustrated by Sonja Wimmer; translated by Jon Brokenbrow (Cuento de Luz)
-T.L.C., by M.H. Clark (Compendium Inc.)

SILVER: Fred and the Monster, by Scott Sussman; illustrated by Yves Margarita (Octopus Ink Press)

BRONZE: The Coal Thief, by Alane Adams; illustrated by Lauren Gallegos (Rodina Press)


  1. Wonderful post and interesting to read, all those lovely awards.

    1. It's good inde authors can receive recognition like this.

  2. I used to buy books for the library from a lot of those publishers. Well, not directly from them, but from their sales rep.

  3. I never seem to hear about awards until after they're over. These winners look awesome! Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi. Would love to see authors I know on this list!


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