Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walking Dead Fans, Which Character Are You?

Here is a fun diversion to break up your day. Take Zimbio's quiz and find out your character type. I'm Carol. Who are you?


  1. Oh wow, the wife of the leader, but who died giving birth.

  2. My sister LOVES the Walking Dead, but I haven't watched it yet! I think it would give me nightmares. :)

    I enjoy taking these kinds of quizzes, though the last one I took made me go, "huh?" According to the quiz, I'm most like Sherlock Holmes's brother, Mycroft Holmes, in the BBC series (Have you seen this series? It's incredible!). I was super pleased to learn, when I took a Harry Potter quiz, that I'm most like Harry Potter. I do love Harry. :)

  3. Ah, that is so neat, Kim, about Harry. Haven't seen the BBC series yet (on my list). But next time try this quiz. Hmm....I wonder who you would be.


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