Friday, January 3, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Even a Messy Desk

Was pleased to see the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop has been extended . . .

Okay, sharing my messy desk with the blog world today, going public here. It's been a busy two weeks, blogging (and visiting blogs) more  than ever before, with the exception of the A-Z in April, and despite the holiday. I have enjoyed the conversations at your blogs and learned more about you, as we share our lives and different perspectives, and (always, it seems) offer words of encouragement, but as you can see . . .  My husband even pulled out the vacuum cleaner twice, despite the fact I have an i-robot that does just fine, thank you.

Another noticeable difference with increased blogging is that my stats have changed, not the total number of page views or visits necessarily (although there, too), but the audience. I was dealing with a lot of  'referrer spam' before . . . Vampire and 7secrets, to name two. For some reason, the more you blog, the more referrer spam drops off. I'm not exactly sure why or what the purpose of this type of spam is, except that I am told (online) it is nothing to worry about unless you start clicking on the links, which increases the visits (Eeeh....did this in the beginning out of curiosity). Have any of you dealt with referrer spam before?

So . . . today I am celebrating the Messy Desk. Such as it is, it has brought exceeding joy, some thoughtful moments, and a means to doing great things . . . We should always think 'big', right?

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  
(Pamela Vaull Starr)

Copyright 2014 © Sharon Himsl

Thanks Viklit for making this blog hop possible.  


  1. I get the weirdest spam on some of my older posts. But I have it set so that I have to moderate any posts older than 30 days, so none of them ever "go live" as it were. Strange.

  2. Weird about the spam, but less is certainly something to celebrate. I like your messy desk. Makes me feel better about mine. Glad to see you continuing with the blog hop.

  3. Who would've guessed that your desk gets messy? What do you use the second computer for?

  4. Hi Liz - I wonder. I think this may be the case with me. My older posts are viewed a lot too, but blogger catches any spam comments.

    Hi Bethie - Ha-ha. Yay for the messy desk! Glad to see you here, too :)

    Hi Cathy - Actually, it's a second monitor. I can drag things to either screen. Quite handy when multi tasking. I'll demonstrate next time you're here. Love it!

  5. O.M.G. - that is positively immaculate compared to mine atm! Have been sorting my house room by room, and anything I'm not sure about is being dumped in the study *blush"
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  6. Oh, a second monitor. I think I probably achieve the same effect with a split screen in Scrivener.

    Couldn't live without it.

  7. I love your desk! It looks like good work and blogging gets done there ;)

  8. Susannne - Ha-ha. But we do so much there, right? I should show you my guest room for guests right now!!

    Cathy - there are so many tools out there to make our writing life easier :)

    Viklit - Thanks...I'm always hopeful :)

  9. Indeed. We should always think 'big'.

    Happy New Year, Sharon :)

  10. You must be a mega multi-tasker - I see two computers! :)

  11. Wendy - Thanks, nice to see you here. All the best!

    Kimberly - Hi. No it's really one computer. I have an extra monitor that connects to my small laptop. You can open two windows at the same time, and make either screen your main one. E.g. you can view a chapter on one screen and google search (or whatever) on the 2nd screen. And what's really neat is you can also drag from screen to screen. I didn't think I had a need, but my husband insisted I try it (he uses one in his office). Now I wouldn't live without it!!

  12. Messy desks are a good sign that work is going on!

    Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for 2014!

  13. The desk deserves praise for the being the creative mess that it is, and yay for you for praising it rightly! Happy New Year!!!

  14. "Creative mess" :) Need to remember that! Thanks, Beverly.


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