Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Entertainment: TV, Exercise & Popcorn

Well, winter is upon us and television viewing just went up a notch in  my home. It's cheap entertainment and with down streaming we can watch a commercial-free series on our schedule, and many of us are on Christmas vacation right now. I love what writers and actors do in these series. You can learn so much about character development and scenes. But mostly I watch for pleasure or to relax, and also for daily exercise. At around forty-five minutes an episode, you can get a good workout on the treadmill.

So replace the TV remote's batteries, lower the shades, add a large bowl of low fat popcorn and sparkling water, pull out the ottoman for your feet or jump on the treadmill and go! Here are the series I watch and recommend.

Currently watching: (update 12/23/13)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Saving Grace
H20 Just Add Water
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
1/3 cup popcorn, 1 TB peanut oil in
popper. Season with (fine) popcorn
 salt. Servings: 2 large bowls.
(WW 2.5 points)
Sparkling water (selser) 0 points
Waiting for a new season

Hart of Dixie
The Lying Game
Doc Martin 
The Walking Dead
Downton Abbey
Warehouse 13
Dance Academy

Watched in the past:

Flying Wild Alaska
Life Unexpected
A Gifted Man
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: The Next Generation

So what do you watch in your spare time? Also, do you have a favorite Christmas movie you like to watch? My husband and I happen to like While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher.

Or maybe . . . you are one of those 'rare birds' who never succumbed to watching television (or even movies). Can you recommend a good book instead, or another activity?

Years ago, when first married, I suggested to Vince that we never buy a television and take advantage of the local library instead. I fantasized reading my heart out and wandering through tall aisles of books like a kid in a candy store. His fantasies were a bit different from mine back then, to say the least. His mouth dropped . . . he was speechless beyond compare. Who was this 19-year old girl he had just married? Had he missed something? We laugh about it now, and you can see who won the argument . . . but no regrets. If not for television (and favorite movies), our dialogue today would lack a certain spark. We can quote lines from  movies and TV series that sometimes only resonate with us. It happens when you have been married thirty plus years.  

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  1. You have the perfect set ups for TV viewing. We watch only one weekly show, such as Dexter or Homeland, both of which are over now. We seldom like to invest two hours into a movie-- except when we're with you guys. I seem to find my entertainment by reading blogs and sometimes Facebook. I also read novels, cut not more than one a week.

  2. Hi, Cathy. I'm glad we have you and hubby as movie partners when one comes to the theater or we just want to hang out at home :). I read more than one book at a time. Not sure how many at the moment. They are scattered on my Kindle app, Nook reader, and there is always one on my bedstand. Just finished Bay Girl by Heather Smith and need to do a review. I read blogs too, but prefer short posts that are to the point. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My favorite Christmas movie is "The Christmas List". It was a TV movie that first aired in the late '90s, and I don't think it's being broadcast this year. Sigh. Perfect Christmas movie.

    I've seen a lot of those shows. Dollhouse ended weird, if I recall correctly. And The Lying Game I think was cancelled at a cliffhanger point.

  4. Really dislike it when a series ends wierd or drops off at a cliffhanger. Have not heard of The Christmas List, but need to look this up. One of the best on the series list is Life Unexpected (ending was quite nice). Thanks, Liz.

  5. My favourite viewing at the moment is Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, and Death in Paradise.

    I also love, While You Were Sleeping. An excellent movie :)

  6. Thanks, Wendy. Have not heard of Mr. Selfridge or Death in Paradise. More to check out. Loved your post today on children's books and the personality types most likely to read these.


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