Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: This and That

Oops. Celebrating the small things a day late here, but didn't want to miss the final posting. I have enjoyed this blog hop a lot.  The small things in life make our world spin and color everything we
do. They give us pause and meaning, when the big things overtake and overwhelm. Thanks Viklit for making this blog hop possible.  

Some very small (but important) things below . . .

--Made the best ham dinner ever on Christmas day. Just the two of us was fine, and now we have some great left-overs. Dinner was complete with special table linens, holiday plates and tableware.....candles burning everywhere.

--Reconnected with my baby sister by phone after a long, long time. I don't know why it took so long to communicate, but life got too busy for the two of us. We must have talked an hour and half. Love you, sis!! Do you ever put off calling family when you know you should?  

--Exercised 45 minutes a day all week long on my new treadmill set-up. The flat panel TV with Netflix is working out great. Watching a series called Heartland, and it's all about horses, horses, horses. Getting into the mood for the next novel.

--Admission I have been procrastining the completion of my current novel. New Year's resolution: finish next month and submit somewhere....contest, agent, publisher....SOMEWHERE.

Happy Weekend!!
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  1. Often the joys in life are the small things, but we're too "busy" to appreciate them. Nice post!

  2. And we are too busy to even 'see' them sometimes. Thanks for the visit, Steven.

  3. glad you had a great holiday. It's the small things that often become the greatest. Happy New Year! Christmas dinner is the best!

  4. Oh, it was good holiday alone after all, and dinner was fantastic. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Bethie. Happy New Year!

  5. Connecting with your sister must have been great. I love ham, wish I could have tasted it. Good for you with the exercising (health is important). Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you. It felt good to count my blessings....and exercise has been a work in progress. So excited to have found something that works. Best wishes for the coming year!

  6. Sounds like a fab New Year goal and a lovely Christmas! :)

    1. Commitment is hard and the goal is long overdue....and I will probably drop off the grid for a while to finish. Thanks and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


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