Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: End of Summer

Well, autumn is here, and by evidence of the pouring rain that pelted Eastern Washington all last week and the changing fall colors, and there is no turning back. No regrets. I am  fired up to do more indoor activities with the weather change. There is something about rain pattering on the rooftop and windows that I find so settling. Perhaps it comes from having been raised in Western Washington, where rain can pour twenty-four seven. Rain is rare here in comparison, so when it comes, I become somewhat nostalgic. I love the smell, I love the sound, I love the change it foretells.

So today I am celebrating the return of cold weather and the end of summer. It is an opportunity to pull out that thick terry cloth robe, crank up the fireplace, rearrange the desktop, and start anew. I am already buzzing with new energy. Yesterday I finished chapter 22 and left it on my husband's desk to read (he's my in-house editor). I also sent a sample chapter to a writer friend to read.
Happy about that!

Summer is such a  detour for me, and from what I have read in other blogs, I know it is a challenge for writers in general. I wish it weren't so, but from the pictures below, you can see some of my end of summer distractions. I love all seasons, don't get me wrong, but cool weather is better for writing, at least for me in the current home I live. 

This brings up another point. I have wondered about setting up an outdoor writing porch next year, like the one I had at my last home. It was wonderful to sit outdoors on the north porch under the trees, with my laptop on my knees. I loved listening to the birds sing and feeling the warm summer air on my cheeks. My patio is too bright and hot here, but perhaps on the other side . . . I wonder, a porch could be added. year year. Do you find writing locations as important as I do? Do you need a special place to inspire you, too?

One of my End of Summer distractions:

No kidding. This is one of several outhouses we found at an outdoor wedding we attended in Snohomish, WA. It even smelled good! Snohomish is in western Washington and off the beaten track a ways. It is a beautiful forested location for a wedding, but services are lacking in places. A prior outhouse we had found (en route) was, uh,.....not so nice.

Vince and me. Dressed up for the big event

So nice to dress up for a change.
Family loving family. What I love most about family gatherings.

Natalie and Jason, the happy couple.

"The Wedding Dance" 


  1. Aww, I LOVE the sweet pix of you and Vince. The wedding looks like it was wonderful.

    About writing locations:
    So far, in the year since my retirement, I have written in only one location--my home office. But I get really frustrated with hubby bouncing in every 10 minutes (it feels like) and distracting me. Does he ever work??? (My brain asks). I end up making no progress, even after 90 minutes. Then it's time to go make lunch, or to start dinner. I am sorely tempted to go and write somewhere about 12 miles away.

    1. Hmm....a writing shed somewhere. I have wondered the same. is nice to have our guys around.

  2. Your posts are always to enjoyable! (Was the groom wearing a TROLL doll on his lapel???) What a lovely gathering! The scent of rain, especially in a pine forest, is just wonderful. I'll think of you as I enjoy tonight's fire... Diana at Diana Wilder – About Myself, by Myself

    1., it is a fishing lure. He is quite the fisherman!

  3. I envy your cooler weather. We were in the eighties again today. Ugh.

    1. Seasons are so different around the country. Hope you have AC.

  4. A change in the weather is evident here in Los Angeles, but I miss the real autumn of back east.

    These days I just write in my home office on my computer. Maybe I should get out sometimes and actually write with pen and paper. Not sure where I'd go though.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Arlee. I know from my kids it is still warm down there. Nice to hear from you.


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