Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekly Recap: On the Road

Happy Fourth of July!!

It has been a packed summer thus far--trip to California and now a trip to Utah via southern Idaho. The trip was actually delayed a few days due to complications from the 'summer flu' in my last post. I had bronchial pneumonia! But by Tuesday this week, after a full round of antibiotics and sucking on cough drops for a week, we were able to leave for Utah.

The weather has been terribly hot and without air conditioning, which are camper-truck is fully rigged to provide, we would be miserable. Traveling across country in harsh weather is nothing compared to what our ancestors once endured. En route to Utah we follow remnants of the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail. My husband and I have often commented as we travel across country in our "modern" covered wagon that our ancestors would be horrified at the things we complain about today. For instance, my modern camper refrigerator had trouble enduring the 100 degree plus heat yesterday. We had to buy ice to keep everything chilled. Of course, when we arrived at our designated RV campground, we simply plugged into AC. Awe gee......we are so spoiled.

Sharon in front of our camper, Shoshone Falls parking lot

Shoshone Falls (southern Idaho). Isn't it beautiful?

We popped in our DVD of Robin Williams's RV and had a relaxing evening. We watch RV every year to remind ourselves of all the stupid things that RV'ers do, which of course we won't do now that we have been adequately warned, right? WRONG. Yesterday after packing up again and heading south on the road into Utah, we heard a thump-thump and didn't think anything of it. When we stopped to make lunch, we found our TV on the floor. Amazingly, it didn't break in the five-foot fall and landed on its side without a scratch (we still haven't plugged it in). We have a check list of things to check when we leave a campsite. For some reason, 'secure the TV' was not on that list! We are now sitting in our daughter's family's driveway in Utah. We watched the grand kids jump on their outdoor trampoline last night in their beautiful back yard and ate pizza on the patio. is tough.

On the writing front, not much going on there. I did spend time before leaving, looking at books I have started that are in various stages of progress. I added a list to my Works in Progress page with images reflective of each book's theme. I did it more for my inspiration and motivation but feel free to check it out.

On a different note, I thought it would be fun to promote an amazing product I bought for my feet. I have been a bare-footer most of my life and noticed one day how terribly cracked and dry my heels are. I struck out on a mission to solve this problem to no avail. I tried pricey creams,Vaseline and even Vicks. I was at my favorite store in Moscow, ID recently and discovered another pricey cream ($8.99). A clerk told me she had heard others loved it and said it really worked. I thought: yeah, right....been there, done that, but I plunked my money down and guess what? It worked! It changes the PH of the skin, which apparently is part of the problem. Your skin actually tingles in the beginning. So here it is, my summer cream tip for healthy feet: O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet. Trust me, this cream works!!

Okay, that's it for me. My best to all of you for a safe, healthy, and fun-filled family summer. Remember, life is short. Always make time for those you love!!

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  1. Glad you're having a good trip.

  2. Great pictures! We've stayed so busy. I need time to stop and upload my own pictures.

  3. Wow, I'm glad you're feeling better, Sharon! Bronchial pneumonia = no fun. And I'm glad your TV survived its fall! :) I love that you watch RV when you're RV-ing! Have a great trip, and travel safely!

  4. The trip sounds fun. I love RV. I nearly dies laughing when the family staggered inot the restaurant, soaking wet and covered in mud and the waitress asked them to wipe their feet. We took a campervan holiday a few years ago. It was great fun. I'd love to do it again some day.

  5. --Yes, a good trip! Thanks, Liz
    --Hope to see those pictures Sylvia.
    --Kim, hope you're having a great summer!
    --DA, thanks. Rv-ing has been kind of fun, but more work than we expected! Neat you like RV too.

  6. Oh. My. I am going to try the foot cream! Thanks for the tip. And I hope you are feeling well and doing well. It has been SO HOT here in southern Idaho! YIKES. And your camper looks awesome!

  7. Thanks, Margo for visiting. We love our camper!


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