Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Recap: Perseverence Pays Off

Hi . . .
I woke up to a beautiful morning in eastern Washington today. My bird feeder is now a popular addition in the neighborhood (the 'Ritz'), this after breaking and falling a few weeks ago--my $40 plus feeder that I later discovered could be purchased for half. It scattered seed all over the patio and later awaited repair on our kitchen floor. Vince finally fixed it last week and attached it permanently to a pole. Apparently, a swinging bird house in the wind is not a good setup (considering the winds we get here). 

It was truly the week of repairs. My computer had a 'mega' infection. Our microwave went 'kaput', the garbage disposal clogged, a rock busted through the lawn mower and left a golf-size hole, the shredder wouldn't shred, and the treadmill had an annoying glitch. Amazing man that he is :-), Vince fixed them all!! It happens when you are married to someone who built his own airplane. They think they (and usually can) repair anything. He is still working on the Subaru problem, a sensor light that keeps coming on, but I am pushing for taking it to the dealer on this one.

I have been tackling the garden planting, including a brick border that is taking longer than I expected. Everything has to be level....what a tedious project, but I do like working with my hands. (I once repaired phones for the telephone company). Oh...remember the seed experiment? Unfortunately, the squash got planted too early and died.

Rhubarb and strawberries in front left. Three planters on right now with seeds.

The garden plot is actually on the wrong side of the yard!!! Big boo-boo on my part. Squash would not have thrived there anyway. All those sun-loving veggies have to go somewhere else. Sooo.....I will now plant peas, beets, carrots, kale, Swiss chard, and greens, which can handle some shade. Perseverance will pay off in the end. I'm the 'true grit' of gardeners! 

The trip to our son's home is almost here. It has been a year since we have seen his family. They have the cutest three boys in the world. Don't you agree? Sigh....wish they lived closer.
Grandma Sharon with the boys 18 months ago

Last....but far from least, I persevered and managed to work on my novel over 20 hours a week for three weeks in a row. I find I need to write this amount of time to stay vested in the story. The book is coming along and one chapter in particular made me cry and gave me the shivers (think I nailed the scene this time). Three and a half chapters yet to revise. I know the trip will be a huge distraction, but I am prepared to muscle my way through when I return. Perseverance works for me!

How about you? What energizes or frustrates you most when life piles up and conspires, and let's be honest here, who doesn't have a full plate? We all seem to react differently it seems. For me it helps if the basics are in security, sound relationships, belief in God, and good health, but even there, life can get the best of us at times.


My preference is to muscle my way through  
whenever possible. 

William Blake once said: 
"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."


  1. Only 3.5 chapters left. Woohoo! You are almost there, after all that persevering.

    The thing that helps me most when I'm feeling stressed is that "this too shall pass." Eventually, I'll get over the hump, be on a downhill slide which is great fun, and then slowly start building to that seemingly impossible place again. But then all those things that have hit me get done, and I can start on new fun projects.

  2. I try to find the humor in any bad situation. Especially if I have an "interesting" day at work. I tend to think, "Oooh, that's a good blog post."

  3. You're nearly there on the book. Be sure to enjoy those grandbabies. The baby in the picture will be really big.

    Oh and I love your gardens.

  4. That bird feeder is awesome and I love the garden.
    You do have adorable gkids.

    My fix it for the week is my swamp cooler which decided to go all 'water park' on me. Luckily the leak stayed outside. The forsythia and the dog loved it. Momma, not so much. ;)

  5. You are so right about perseverance paying off. It can be tough, but if you keep at things, they work out.

  6. I persevere with Heaven in mind. Life is very, very short, and I don't know what the point would be if not for our beautiful destiny.

  7. Great picture of you and the grandkids! :)

    Full plates are nice, so long as we get some time to recharge. I find that even when I don't have a full plate projects manifest out of nothing, because I love that feeling of constantly creating!

  8. Hi all...thanks for stopping by!! I'm in California now. Enjoyed reading your comments....feels like a piece of home to me. Back in a week!


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