Sunday, May 26, 2013

Africa Mercy - Africa Wedding: One Nurse's Journey

Another email update from "M" (Marilyn) in Africa, and as requested, pictures of the wedding she described in her last email! Aren't they beautiful?

Guinea, Africa Wedding

Marilyn in middle with other nurses on the Africa Mercy

The Happy Couple. Oh what a joyful day!

Bride on right at wedding table. 
Marilyn in rear (4th over, L-R)

Click here to learn more about the nurses and doctors on board the Africa Mercy.


  1. Charming and quite beautiful.

    Weddings in Africa are exotic affairs for the rest of the world. They do, however, tend to reflect the cultures of the various countries and regions. Within the 'sameness' of being African, I should imagine that there are as many differences between Guinea and South Africa as there are in other different countries of the world.

    The African-style dresses also differ but one thing which remains constant is the use of vibrant, patterned cotton.

    Thank you for this lovely post...

    1. Thanks Fe for your insight. This is one part of the world I long to see.

  2. Sharon, thanks for sharing this. It's a reminder of how cultures differ. Wonderful to have the Africa Mercy ship!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  3. I agree, Mary. I love learning about different cultures.


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