Monday, February 11, 2013

Survivors in a Sinful World

I finished the BBC TV series Survivors on Netflix last week. If you have ever wondered what would happen if there were
a repeat of the 1918 flu epidemic, only worse, this is for you. Only 1% of the population survives. As in the bubonic plague, only a handful of people accosted by the virus are immune. One survivor, Abby, actually comes down with the virus and survives it, which makes her a potential vaccine candidate. This and the central theme of Abby's search for her son moves the story forward. Each character she meets along the way, and joins up with, has some sort of past to overcome. As can be predicted, their plight in a darkened, sinful world brings out the worst and best in everyone. Unfortunately, the series drops off without a fit ending, so I would add that one warning. Nevertheless, with all the recent news about whooping cough and now the influenza outbreak, it was an interesting series to watch. 
With that background in mind, I was surprised to see the following letter in the local newspaper. The letter was written by a minister my husband and I have known (and respected) for many years. His message is simple, direct, and humbling, regardless of one's religious leanings. 

[Excerpt: Jim Wilson, Moscow/Pullman Daily News, Feb. 4, 2013] 

Jim has always been gifted at connecting the present with the teachings of the bible. He goes on to offer his assistance and contact numbers. I am not surprised. He has devoted his life to teaching and ministering to others. His blog, Roots by the River, is quite popular if anyone is interested.

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